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October Birthdays

Read about some of the fascinating people who were born in the month of October!

Home: a memoir of my early years by Julie Andrews — October 1

The life of Graham Greene by Norman Sherry — October 2

Buster Keaton: cut to the chase by Marion Meade — October 4

Chester Alan Arthur by Zachary Karabell — October 5

Rocket man: Robert H. Goddard and the birth of the space age by David A. Clary — October 5

This little light of mine: the life of Fannie Lou Hamer by Kay Mills — October 6

Rabble-rouser for peace: the authorized biography of Desmond Tutu by John Allen — October 7

All the great prizes: the life of John Hay, from Lincoln to Roosevelt by John Taliaferro — October 8

Lennon: the man, the myth, the music—the definitive life by Tim Riley — October 9

Somewhere: the life of Jerome Robbins by Amanda Vaill — October 11

Ladies and gentlemen - Lenny Bruce!! By Albert Goldman, from the journalism of Lawrence Schiller by Goldman, Albert Harry, 1927- — October 13

Michael Collins: a life by James Mackay — October 16

The forgotten founding father: Noah Webster's obsession and the creation of an American culture by Joshua Kendall — October 16

I want to thank my brain for remembering me: a memoir by Jimmy Breslin — October 17

Brown-eyed handsome man: the life and hard times of Chuck Berry by Bruce Pegg — October 18

Groovin' high: the life of Dizzy Gillespie by Alyn Shipton — October 21

Sarah: the life of Sarah Bernhardt by Robert Gottlieb — October 22

Blood and champagne: the life and times of Robert Capa by Alex Kershaw — October 22

N.C. Wyeth: a biography by David Michaelis — October 22

Emily Post: daughter of the Gilded Age, mistress of American manners by Laura Claridge — October 27

John Adams by John Patrick Diggins — October 30

Admiral of the ocean sea, a life of Christopher Columbus by Samuel Eliot Morison ; maps by Erwin Raisz ; drawings by Bertram Greene — October 31

Keats by Andrew Motion — October 31

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