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Meeting Minutes — December 20, 2012

The Vice-Chairperson, Jim Fausone, called the meeting to order at 7:32 PM.

Present: N. Eggenberger, M. Farell, J. Fausone, S. Foster, T. Hartnett
Absent: K. Schulz
Also Present: E. Davis, K. Gladden

Call To Audience

(B. Czerniak, L. Golden, R. Havenstein-Coughlin, D. McHugh, L. Papa, S. Rzetelny, N. Szczepanski)

Trustee Hartnett asked that a moment of silence, honoring those killed at Sandy Hook (CT) Elementary School, be observed.

Approval Of Agenda

The agenda was approved by unanimous consent.

Approval Of General Meeting Minutes

The minutes were approved by unanimous consent.


A letter and postcard from Marybeth Levine of the Detroit Area Diaper Bank, thanking the library for its support in the recent diaper drive, was shared.

Director's Report


Committee Reports


Unfinished Business & General Orders

Approval of 2013 Board Meeting/Library Holiday & Closure Calendar — As Trustee Farell will not be in town the third Thursday of June 2013, the Board agreed to move that month's meeting to June 13, 2013.

T. Hartnett moved and N. Eggenberger supported a motion to approve the 2013 calendar as amended.

The motion passed unanimously, 12/12-20-1

New Business

Introduction of new Board members — The new trustees briefly introduced themselves to each other and to the audience.

Presentations by department heads — The five department heads introduced themselves and described their departments' functions to the new trustees.

Overview of Canton Public Library By-laws — Discussion was postponed to a future meeting.

Overview of Personal Property Tax legislation — Legislation eliminating personal property taxes for business has been passed and signed by the governor. Replacement revenues of up to 80% may be received if, in August 2014, voters approve creation of an authority to distribute monies raised from the use tax; these funds would be used to reimburse municipalities for the tax dollars lost by the PPT elimination. While elimination of taxes on personal property assessed at less $40,000 takes effect December 31, 2012, winter bills have already gone out and we won't be affected by those changes in 2013. The elimination of taxes on personal property tax assessed at over $40,000 will not affect us until the 2015 budget year.

Approval of Proposed Fourth Quarter Budget Amendment — S. Rzetelny discussed the revenue and expenditure changes in the amended budget, highlighting the increase in the (996) Property Tax Refund expenditure, which was due to the large backlog of cases the Michigan Tax Tribunal disposed of in 2012.

T. Hartnett moved and S. Foster supported a motion to approve the fourth quarter budget amendment as presented.

The motion passed unanimously, 12/12-20-2

Capital Assets Policy Revision — E. Davis said that under the current policy, anything costing under $500 is classified as supplies and doesn't need to be capitalized or depreciated. The policy update (increasing the capitalization threshold from $500 to $2,500 for software and equipment purchased in bulk) was requested after a poll of other libraries revealed that the average threshold is $2,500-5,000.

N. Eggenberger moved and T. Hartnett supported a motion to revise the Capital Assets policy as presented.

The motion passed unanimously, 12/12-20-3

Call To Audience

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The meeting was adjourned at 9:22 PM.