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It's a Cabaret, My Friend — Berlin in the 1930's

The era is pre World War II when Berlin was referred to as “the nightclub” capital of the world. Enjoy the “three ring circus atmosphere of the “Cabaret” with its singers and dancers from all over seen by the sarcastic host. Listen to the sounds of jazz and swing, imported from America and Britain, in smoke filled nightclubs as the German youth known as the “Swing Kids” dance. Germany and its youth are enjoying life. Personal freedom is still available to experience, it is a relaxed time, and an accepting time when race does not play a prominent role in day to day life.

Now travel forward to the time that Hitler has gained power the National Socialist Party is in place and the Hitler Youth is the group to join. Jazz is banned by the government, its melodic note instills a feeling of freedom and chaos and the artists are of questionable race based on the “Nuremberg Laws” of 1935. The “nightlife” of Berlin goes against the policies of the Nazi party and the “swing kids” are under attack.

Berlin at war by Roger Moorhouse

The blue angel [videodisc] = Der Blaue Engel by UFA; an Erich Pommer Production

Cabaret [videodisc] by Allied Artists and ABC Pictures Corp.present an ABC Pictures Corp. production

A dance between flames: Berlin between the wars by Anton Gill

The devil's arithmetic [videodisc] by Showtime presents a Punch 21 and Millbrook Farm production

Duke Ellington [sound recording] by Ellington, Duke, 1899-1974

Hitler Youth by Michael H. Kater

Montmartre, 1924-1939 [sound recording]

Swing kids [videodisc] by Hollywood Pictures; Touchwood Pacific Partners I