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Holiday Entertaining Tricks and Tips

We're looking for helpful hints and special touches to make our holidays bright, cheerful and easy. Post your best tip in the comments and we'll highlight a few on Facebook every week. And don't forget to stop in the library and check out our holiday recipe exchange kiosk located by the Reception Desk. Together, we'll make it through the holidays with more joy and less stress.


Fri, 2012-10-19 11:19

A favorite tip of mine:
At Michael's, you can buy small, felt Christmas stockings for very cheap. Decorate each small stocking with your guest's name in glitter paint, or whatever you wish. Add a small stalk of fresh greenery inside each stocking and add the silverware needed for your meal. Set one stocking on each plate to make a place card, a stocking full of silverware and smiles all around your holiday table.