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Happy Birthday Jimi Hendrix!

Considered by many to be one of the greatest rock guitarists of all time, Jimi Hendrix was born on November 27, 1943 in Seattle, Washington. Hendrix's mastery of the guitar ran the gamut from blues, R&B to rock, and achieved a reputation has only grown since his untimely death in 1970.

Axis [sound recording]: bold as love by The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Band of Gypsys [sound recording] by Jimi Hendrix

Electric ladyland [sound recording] by the Jimi Hendrix Experience

Hendrix in the west [sound recording] by Jimi Hendrix

First rays of the new rising sun [sound recording] by Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix live at Woodstock [sound recording] by Jimi Hendrix

Valleys of Neptune [sound recording] by Jimi Hendrix

Room full of mirrors: a biography of Jimi Hendrix by Charles R. Cross

Jimi Hendrix: musician by Keith Shadwick

Jimi Hendrix: the man, the magic, the truth by Sharon Lawrence

Jimi Hendrix: the stories behind every song by David Stubbs