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Giant Scrabble

Join us Monday, November 12, 6:30-8:30 PM at the library to play on our insane 10ft x 10ft Scrabble board. Test your ultimate Scrabble skills on a team; you can either stop by for a word or two, or stay the entire time!


trying to find out where you got the scrabble set up. I am in Denver and need two
let me know

We actually built our Scrabble board ourselves. If you're curious, here's how we did it:


Making the Giant Scrabble Board

Our scrabble board is made out of 8 long pieces of laminated construction paper which we taped together (only so much could fit through our laminator at one time). The double word scores, etc., were made with colored paper, and the grid lines were made with thin black duct tape. We printed the letters on paper with a fake woodgrain background (made in MS Publisher) and then just glued them to cardboard (we cut up some old boxes into squares)  to give them the look of wooden tiles.


Our board itself is a little over 10 x 10 feet (closer to 11 x 11), and our letters are roughly 8x7 inches.  We looked at the proportions of a regular scrabble board, and then fudged it a little to fit our needs. If you want to make this, it’ll all depend on what size paper you have, what size grid lines you will be using (this is more of a factor than you think!), and what will fit through the laminator you are using.


The most difficult part is drawing out the straight lines, and making stands. Our stands are also made out of cardboard (covered with black duct tape). They are basically a triangle wedge with a lip (another, smaller triangle) at the bottom. We used some cardboard bracing underneath and a lot of tape to hold it all together

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