Fall Astronomy Day

Fall Astronomy Day (October 13) is a good time to read up on some of the noted astronomers of the past, or watch an informative documentary:

Galileo in Rome: the rise and fall of a troublesome genius by William R. Shea and Mariano Artigas

Copernicus' secret: how the scientific revolution began by Jack Repcheck

Edwin Hubble: mariner of the nebulae by Gale E. Christianson

Galileo: a life by James Reston, Jr

Kepler's witch: an astronomer's discovery of cosmic order amid religious war, political intrigue, and the heresy trial of his mother by James A. Connor

Carl Sagan: a life by Keay Davidson

Tycho & Kepler: the unlikely partnership that forever changed our understanding of the heavens by Kitty Ferguson

Galileo's daughter: a historical memoir of science, faith, and love by Dava Sobel

400 years of the telescope [videodisc]: a journey of science, technology and thought by producer and director, Kris Koenig

On the shoulders of giants: the great works of physics and astronomy by edited, with commentary, by Stephen Hawking

Monster of the Milky Way [videodisc]: a supermassive black hole by produced and directed by Thomas Lucas, Julia Cort ; written by Julia Cort and Jonathan Grupper

Chasing Hubble's shadows: the search for galaxies at the edge of time by Jeff Kanipe

How the universe works [videodisc] by produced by Pioneer Productions for Discovery Channel

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