Create Your Own Storytime at Home: Transportation

Need inspiration to create your own storytime at home? Having an at-home storytime with your children can be as simple as reading a few books, dancing together to a silly song, and reciting a rhyme. The following books, songs, and rhyme are all fun suggestions for a "transportation" themed storytime. 

My car by Byron Barton

Freight train by Donald Crews

Trucks roll! by George Ella Lyon ; illustrated by Craig Frazier

Songs for Wiggleworms [sound recording] — Sing and move to the track "Row, Row, Row Your Boat."

Wiggleworms love you [sound recording] — Sing and move to the track "Wheels On the Bus." The slow pace of this version makes it easy to do, even for very young children!

Rhyme: This is a Choo-Choo Train

This is a choo choo train (Child becomes a train by squatting)
Puffing down the track (Child rotates arms in rhythm)
Now its going forward, (Child goes forward)
Now its going back. (Child goes back, etc.)
Now the bell is ringing (child pulls make believe bell rope)
Now the whistle blows (child holds fist near mouth and goes "toot, toot")
What a lot of noise it makes (cover ears and make train noises)
Everywhere it goes. (stretch out arms)

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