Cosmetic Power

Chapter 1: The Assembly

“They have failed when we needed them the most,” The old man said in a loud voice. “We must get another group to fulfill this mission and save the universe. We must do this! Are you all with me? This mission must be done. We alone can't stop this, but the right group - only the bravest, smartest, strongest, and most skillful - can stop the sun from exploding.”

In a raspy voice a white clocked man said “yessss, this group mussst be able to get to Sssaturn and get the plassmetic ray ssstaff and sssave the universsse.”

“Do you allow this, high council,” asked a black cloaked man.

“We do,” said the high council at the same time.

“Then, commence operation!”

Location: High Head Quarters, also known as HHQ -

“Sir, we must talk,” said Commander Bob.

“Yes, Commander Bob,” Said Leader Kern.

“We have been approved about the operation. The high council agreed.”

“WHAT? Why would they? This is a very dangerous mission.”

“Ahhh, Leader Kern, how nice it isss to ssssee you,” said the white cloaked man (just imagine him somewhere in the darkness, since the white cloaked man is invisible right now).

“Who is there?”

“It’s me, White Cloak.” (That is his name)

“White Cloak, stop acting like creepers.”

“Why? It’s nice to act like them, it makes me seem more dangerous than I really am.”

“We need to assemble the team befo....,” said Commander Bob. “Why do I feel like we are being watched?”

“You can feel me, but not see me, ha, ha, ha” (just imagine a creepy evil laugh).

“This is a very big problem,” said White Cloak.

“Yes, it is - you stopped acting like a creeper,” said Leader Kern.

“Shut up, Kern”

(By the way - this story has some rough words, so if you are too young then don't read this.) “Don't address the leader like that,” said Bob.

“Bob, assemble the team,” said Leader Kern. “This part of the story is getting too long.”

“Yes?,” said Thorn.

(Alright, so this is Thorn. Thorn is a 14 year old and he is part of the HHQ. He seems to be a very good fighter, and is very smart. Like other boys he is not as over-reactive about bad grades as some girls (No offense to anybody, and I mean it, no joke.))

“You have been picked for a special task,” said Commander Bob.

“Let me guess, I am selected for my special talents.”

“Umm yes. Hey, how did you know?”

“Just a lucky guess,” said Thorn.

Knock, knock.

“Yes?,” said Platna.

(Alright so this is Platna. And no, Platna is not a boy - Platna is a girl. She somehow got the talent of sword fighting. She is smarter and more skilled then Thorn. Platna in this story is the 2nd main character. Like in other books or stories, she has no feeling for the main boy. (Which in this case, in case you forgot, is Thorn.))

“Next stop is that Kyle kid,” said Bob.

(Kyle is kind of a joker (though he is a horrible joker and stops trying after a while) in the story and seems to get crazy ideas. He is very smart though. He started trigonometry in 8th grade)

Here is another girl who got an email asking her to join this group of people. She is Clove.

(Now Clove is very quiet and shy. But she is also very good friends with Platna, and they like to talk. Clove is okay around Platna (hey, there should be some girls - unlike other stories with only boys. And stories get more fans with these love things - take a look at Transformers: at first it is only male Transformers, but later on they added female Transformers.))

Commander Bob now goes to Pearl.

(Pearl is a special character because he is me in the story. I want to be in the story because I wonder how this story will go with me in it. But I won’t exactly be me. I will be very different in this story.)

“You all have been chosen to go on this mission, a mission so great it will be marked in the history books if successful” (by the way, all the people are like 10 – 19. This group consists of all 14 years old.)

“You must get to Saturn and get the plasmatic ray staff.”

“Why?,” asked Pearl.

“The sun has gathered too much plasma, and is going to burst” (yes, the sun has plasma, plasma is the 4th state of matter there is). “Plus, the creature from Jupiter was eavesdropping on us.”

“Why not sing to the sun and calm it down,” said Kyle.

“Why would we do that,” asked Platna.

“Kyle, you dimwit, only the staff can take away that much plasma,” said Thorn. “But not all.”

“Then we take some little by little,” said Platna.

“Takes too long,” said Thorn.


“NO,” said Thorn. “Only the staff, with something powerful, can do the job!”

“Thorn, why do you object to everything I say,” said Platna.

“Both of you, SHUT UP ALREADY,” said Pearl. “Commander, when do we leave?”

“Soon,” said the black cloaked man, just as he was coming out from his hiding spot.

“Who are you?”

“ Black Cloak. And you?”

“Clove is my name.” (Hey, she needs to speak every once in a while.)

“This is a very important operation, said Commander Bob.

“Operation afro circus? … cool!,” said Kyle. “Now we should get to our ship and set off to Saturn. Say, maybe we can Gangnam Style while singing afro circus with the staff.”

“Or shut up,” said Platna.

“Or we can hit a pokeball with the staff and catch some plasma.”

“NO,” everybody in the group said at once.

Chapter 2: The Other Side

You know, there shouldn’t really be a HHQ if there is no enemy side, or at least one major enemy side. Not all enemies have to do with the problem. Like this one, for instance. These guys (also called the Crescents.) are aware of the sun exploding. The Crescents just want to rule the earth. So these guys don't really care if the sun explodes. As long as they rule the earth, they are okay with it. Their leader is unknown to any outsiders. Only the Crescents know their leader (though the leader doesn’t care if he is revealed or not)

“Sir,” said Commander Bub, “we have been notified that the HHQ is sending a group of people to stop the sun from exploding and shooting plasma all over the place.”

“Send Zektron after them immediately,” said the leader of the Crescents.

“Will do, sir,” said C Bub. (if you are confused, c = commander.)

Zektron, as said before, is a robot that has emotions and can move like regular people (similar to Transformers). This big guy is made up of 5 other robots: Crosion, Gall, Blast Grindor, Vortex, and Hailsprin. They all combine into Zektron. (Fun fact: Zektron is the size if a house.)

(I am not really going to do the same thing as the other chapter because it will be boring and it wont be fun.)

They saw a super sonic space jet getting ready to leave the HHQ (The 2 sides are close to each other.) So the 5 robots then got on a plane (which happened to be right next to them) and made their departure to the moon, to follow the humans and stop them from getting to Saturn.

“Why do we fight them,” asked the commander. “At least this time we need to stop the sun from exploding so that earth survives. If we are helping them, Zektron will end up in Saturn anyways, and there is a creature there protecting something. Zektron will attack the creature, and that helps the humans get the item and stop the sun.”

“But why tell him to attack them? That will panic the HHQ and they might surrender – plus, the Saturn creature might come out of protecting to see what is going on.”

“We have heavily equipped spies around Zektron ready to get the item.”

“Oh. Good plan, leader,” said Commander Bub.

Chapter 3: It's Adventure Time!!

“Man the ship, Kyle,” said Thorn in a loud voice.

“Who put you in charge,” asked Kyle.

“I, Leader Kern, did,” said Kern. “Who else is able to command such a group of high leveled people?”

“Umm, good point. So, Thorn, where to?”

“The mars moon base, we need some stuff.”

“Yes sir,” said Kyle.

“Sir? Really? I need more respect than that,” Ssaid Thorn.

“Yes sir..sir?”

“That is more like it. Is everybody in the jet?”

“Yes sir sir!”

“Alright, lets go then.”

“So sir sir, how is it going,” asked Pearl.

“Going okay, why?,” said Thorn.

“Oh, nothing, sir sir.”

“Are you making fun of me,” asked Thorn.

“Yes, sir sir,” admitted Pearl.

“I'm going to strangle you,” said Thorn, “right here and now.”

“Thorn, a leader needs to calm down, not strangle everybody in his group,” said Platna. “INCOMING ASTEROID BELT! PUT ON YOUR SEAT BELTS IMMEDIATELY,” shouted Kyle.

(Now imagine as if the jet is entering the asteroid belt and dodging asteroids)

“Why are we in the astroid belt, Kyle?,” asked Clove, in a soft but harsh voice.

“Something pushed us across the place, and we are stuck here,” he answered.

“Is that another ship?,” asked Thorn while squinting at a ship.

“Umm, yes, it is,” said Kyle.

The ship flew above the humans and from the ship to the super sonic jet came the five robots. Tud tud tud tud tud. There were no dents on the jet.

“We need to take control of this ship, guys! Combine into Zektron!”


“What is it out there?,” asked Thorn.

“I’m going out,” said Platna.

“I’m going to my room,” said Clove.

“I’m going to drive this ship,” said Kyle.

“I’m going to get my sword,” said Pearl.

“I am also going out,” said Thorn.

“Don’t forget YOUR sword, sir sir,” said Kyle.

Outside was Zektron, standing on the ship as if it was a skate board.

“Umm, Zektron, I hate to break it to you, but the jet isn’t a skate board,” said Pearl.

(Did I mention that Pearl is also a joker, and makes better jokes than Kyle.)

“I DONT CARE!,” shouted Zektron. “MY MSSION IS TO DEFEAT YOU.”

“Defeat us? We are practicality saving the universe,” said Pearl. “And besides, if we get to Saturn, the Saturn creature will attack you, not us. But then we will have to save you, and blah blah blah….”

“There is a Saturn creature?,” asked Platna.

“I never knew that, either,” said Thorn.

“Hey, the author picked to be me for a reason, you know,” said Pearl. “Well anyways, can we fight at the Mars moon base, because it is unfair to fight you here.”

“AGREED,” said Zektron.

Two hours later.

“Okay, now we fight,” said Thorn.

“YARRRRRR,” shouted Zektron.

“Rawer!,” shouted Thorn.

“Charge!,” shouted Platna.

“Umm, attack?,” said Pearl.

Thorn kicked Zektron on the leg while Platna was whacking Zektron with her sword and Pearl was getting a bow and arrow and waiting for the right moment. Meanwhile, Kyle is shopping, while Clove is in her room in the ship, stringing her cross bow. Thorn and Platna keep hitting Zektron for a few moments, and now when Zektron starts hitting them a bunch of his wires get exposed and Pearl lets go of the bow (imagine an arrow sailing across the surface of Mars and hitting some wires at the exposed part of Zektron.)

“NOOOO, I HAVE BEEN HIT,” cried Zektron.

“Hmmmm, oil check. Water check. Food check.”

Two minutes later.

“All done,” said Kyle. He started to the front of the room to buy his stuff. “$250? Impossible! This is a lot for just 20 gallons of water.

(One hour of complaining later.)

“Wow, that was long. I wonder what the other people are doing. Hmmm, looks like they are still fighting Zektron. Wow, this long.”

In Cloves room in the ship: “Yes! My crossbow is ready. Now I can shoot Zektron with a mighty blow.” Clove armed the crossbow and took aim and - boom - shot Zektron.

“Zektron was fighting us until he took an arrow to the knee,” said Pearl.

“Lets get out of here, said Thorn.

“Yes sir sir.”

“Shut up, all of you,” said Thorn.

“Oooooo, another planet,” said Kyle. “Clove, what planet is that?”

“That is no planet,” said Clove. “That is a dwarf planet, and its name is Coris. Coris is the legendary dwarf planet; it contains many legendary creatures like dragons.”

“Lets go there,” said Kyle. “There may be useful stuff. And we are missing parts for an inside gas thingy. We need those parts to get to Saturn.”

Inside Coris:

“Wow, this place looks cool,” said Pearl.

“We should find a city to do stuff,” said Thorn.

“I will climb a tree,” said Platna. And then she climbed a tree.

“Wow.......,” said Thorn.

“Umm, what’s so amazing about climbing a tree?,” said Pearl.

“Umm, ehh, umm, uh, nothing.”

“Wait a minute, said Pearl. “Platna, do you like Thorn.?”

“Uhhh, maybe.”

“I knew it! HA.”

“Keep it a secret, okay, Pearl?”

“Fine.” (I did say something about a love part.)

“CITY AHOY!,” shouted Platna.

“Yes, a city! Now I can find rare things here,” said Pearl.

“Don't get too excited, Pearl, said Clove.

To the city!

At the city bridge:

“None can pass,” said a troll, suddenly.

“Why can’t we pass,” asked Thorn.

“Because, this city is for talented people,” said the troll. “To pass you need to troll me”

“Fine, I will troll you,” said Thorn.

“Yeah, what he said,” said everybody…except Pearl.

“Not working,” said the troll.

“Fine,” said Pearl, “then this is time for the ultimate troll: Lololololo, lololo, lololol, la la la la yaah! Trolololo la, la-la-la, la-la-la-Oh hahahaho! Hahaheheho! Hohohoheho! Hahahaheho! Lolololo-lololo-lololo, oh-ho-ho-ho hooooooooooooooooooooo!” (This is the trolo song)

“Noooo,” screamed the troll. “I have been mega trolled. You all may pass.”

The City:

“I’ll go buy some stuff,” said Platna.

“I'll come with you, said Thorn.”





“Both of you, for the sake of the universe, let him go with you and do whatever,” said Pearl. “You others can do whatever, anyway. I got some exploring to do.”

2 hours later:

“Oooo, a cave, “said Pearl. “I wonder what is inside.”

“Grrrr,” said…something.

As Pearl was walking in the cave, sword at hand, the growling was becoming louder. Then Pearl got to a large room with a bunch of darkness.

“GRRRRRRRRRR, said a metallic dragon at the center. “You have made it to me... no one else has. In reward for coming this far I shall help you and your operation to save the universe. And to save the universe you need a proper sword. I shall provide you the materials for a new sword. Do you accept?”

“I do.”

“Then let us begin. What do you need? I have everything.”

“I need lots of pearls, silver, and diamond.”

“I have those in stock. Lets start.”

A few hours later:

“Yes, the sword is complete! And yes, the sword looks nice!”

And here the dragon gave Pearl a little magic.

“When you need me, just call me and I will come.”

“Thanks,” said Pearl. “Well see ya around.”

“See ya.”

Meanwhile, Kyle and Clove were repairing the ship, installing the ship gas tank thingy. Platna and Thorn were shopping at the mall, while Pearl is baking an apple pie from apples he just sliced with his new sword.

“I need this and this and this and this and this and this,” Said Platna, at the mall. “Ummm, hey,” said Thorn, “this is super accelerator gas.”

Back at the ship:

“All done,” said Kyle. “Hey, we make a very mechanically good team, Clove.”

“Shut up Kyle. Pearl makes better jokes.”

Now everybody is back at the ship:

“Everybody report,” said Thorn.

“We fixed the ship.”

“We bought some stuff.”

“I made apple pie.”

“APPLE PIE!,” cried out Thorn. “Is there any thing useful you did, Pearl?”

“I got a new sword.”

“Fine. What is it made of?”

“Pearls, diamond, and silver. And oh yeah, I found a pokeball.”

“Yes, my theory still stands,” cried out Kyle.

“But it will fall,” said Platna, “for it is stupid.”

“I got this super gas.”

“Will it work, Kyle?”

“Yes, this will work very well.We can go … OVER 9000 MILES!”

“We can even pass black holes without ever being destroyed,” said Pearl.

They filled the gas tank with super gas and ZOOM! Off they went.

“Only one problem,” said Pearl. “We will pass wormholes no matter what.”

2 hours later:

“Hey its Saturn!” “Cool!” “I wanna see!” “Yes!” “Finally!”

“Ummm, is there supposed to be a strange looking animal the size of Zektron's leg coming right at us,” asked Thorn.


When the Saturn creature got to the ship, It attacked immediately. This creature is big and scary with a long tongue and Charizard-like wings. And looks like has a 100 teeth. Its skin (at least I think it is skin) is black and whitish. And it can breath plasma.

“Rarrrrrr,” cried out something from behind. Crosion, Gall, Blast Grindor, Vortex and Hailsprin were behind them. Crosion shot a ball of fire at them, Gall threw a huge spear. BlastGrinder threw an asteroid; Vortex, a dark energon nuke. And Hailsprin, he shot hail at them.

“Ksssssssss,” said the Saturn creature. And it flew toward the robots.

“Guys,” turn into Zektron!” (I have no sound effects left.)

The Saturn creature and Zektron battled while the super sonic ship flew into Saturn and used a claw to get the staff. Zektron was losing, so Pearl called for the metal dragon, who is equally matched with the Saturn creature. The team managed to get to an asteroid.

“We have no time to get back to earth,” said Clove.

“Then we do it here”

(Now, think of Pokemon music - or look it up at youtube)


“Go, Kyle.”

“Hey, why do I have to go first?!”

“The sun is gathering more plasma!”

Kyle used staff. Staff failed. Return Kyle.

“Go Clove.”

“Why am I next?”

Clove used staff. Staff failed.

(This is a Pokemon battle, by the way)

Return clove and go Thorn. Thorn used staff. Staff failed. Return Thorn and go Platna. Platna used staff, staff failed.

“Pearl go out there (there meaning standing on an asteroid).”

Pearl used the pokeball. 1 shake. 2 shake and 3 shake!

“We did it!”

The plasma, including its source, got sucked into a vortex of other plasma. The pokeball then fell in a wormhole and the wormhole disappeared.

“Well, that is done,” said Thorn. Let’s go home.”

“Wait,” cried Pearl. “My sword has been made for a reason. And that reason is now clear. I shall ….. actually, no, let’s just go.”

The end.

Yes, the love part was short. Hey, want some more? Fine, here is a special part:

“Can we go on a date,” asked Thorn.

“For the 10th time, NO,” said Platna.

“Ha! Rejected 10 times,” laughed Pearl. “Platna, just go on a date with him. I know you have the same feelings for him.”

“Whaaa….how do you know?”

“I just do,” said Pearl.


“YES!,” cries out Thorn.

(Now use your imagination and think up the rest.)

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