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Cool Cult Classics for Hot Summer Nights

Cult classics: the good, the so-bad-they're-good, and the ugly-but-still-pretty-good. They are the films that inspire a dedicated following, line-quoting, group viewings and many a Halloween costume. They may not have done that well at the box office, but they're survived the ages with their special cult status.

Have you seen these cult classics? If not, beat the heat with a viewing of some of these unconventionally cool movies.

The princess bride [videodisc] by [presented by] Act III Communications [Buttercup Films Ltd., The Princess Bride Ltd.]

Office space [videodisc] by Twentieth Century Fox presents a Mike Judge film

The Rocky Horror picture show [videodisc] by Twentieth Century Fox presents a Michael White-Lou Adler production

Labyrinth [videodisc] by the Jim Henson Company and Lucasfilm Ltd. presents a Jim Henson film

Raising Arizona [videodisc] by 20th Century Fox ; Circle Films presents a Ted and Jim Pedasa/Ben Barenholtz production

Evil dead II [videodisc] by Renaissance Pictures ; Rosebud Releasing Corporation

Clerks [videodisc] by Miramax Films presents ; a View Askew production ; produced by Scott Mosier & Kevin Smith ; written & directed by Kevin Smith

The nightmare before Christmas [videodisc] by [presented by] Walt Disney Pictures ; Touchstone Pictures presents a Burton/Di Novi production

The goonies [videodisc] by Warner Bros. Pictures

A clockwork orange [videodisc] by Warner Bros. Pictures presents a Stanley Kubrick production ; produced and directed by Stanley Kubrick ; screenplay by Stanley Kubrick

Pee-Wee's big adventure [videodisc]

Repo man [videodisc] by Universal City Studios ; an Edge City production

This is Spinal Tap [videodisc] by Embassy Pictures ; Canal +

Plan 9 From Outer Space by Wood, Ed Jr

The big Lebowski [videodisc] by Universal ; PolyGram Filmed Entertainment presents a Working Title production

Harold and Maude [videodisc] by Paramount Pictures


If you need your cult classic movie fix and the library is closed, try out hoopla! Here are just a few of the cult classics and so-bad-their-good movies that you can stream with your library card:

Troll 2 [electronic resource]

Birdemic [electronic resource]

Plan 9 from outer space [electronic resource]

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