Classic Disney Cartoons

Everyone knows Mickey Mouse and his pals. Toddlers. Kids. Teens. Parents. Grandparents. These classic cartoons can be enjoyed by families on a multigenerational level. Canton Public Library owns a few collection of cartoons that the older crowd will remember and the younger crowd will think are new.

It's a small world of fun! Vol. 1 [videodisc] — This four volumn set of DVDs includes classic Disney shorts with an international flair. You will find Mickey and his friends here as well as other classic shorts like Peter and the Wolf, The Little House, and the Reluctant Dragon.

Best pals. Volume 10, [videodisc]: Mickey & Minnie — This series stars all your familiar Disney pals in some of their most familiar cartoon shorts. There are also themed sets on sports, music and holidays.

Funny factory with Mickey. Volume 1 [videodisc] by Walt Disney; Disney DVD — Mickey stars in this series of DVDs with some of his more obscure buddies, like Donald's nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie.

Have a laugh. Volume 1 [videodisc] — This series includes new cartoon Disney shorts and remixed old ones, as well as a mash-up music video.