The Christmas Party by Morgan C.

This story is one of the winners of the Harry Potter Fan Fiction Contest. Congratulations!

The snow fell in a storm of white all around the festive old town. In the backyard of a house far into the country the snow changed colors as it fell. Children ran through the snow playing with their toy broomsticks hovering slightly above the snow. Adults watched the kids through the windows laughing at their merriment. A few older kids and teens whizz around through the snow on actual brooms. A young boy around the age of eleven touched back to the ground and ran for the door to the house.

“Dad, James tried to push me off of my broom!” Al screamed “Did not! You just slipped!” James yelled back. Ginny sighed in exasperation as she grabbed her coat off of the rack and went outside to comfort her youngest son. “James don't push your brother. Al your father is helping your sister with her card tower, so he can't help now.” Hermione called out the door of the burrow “Come inside kids. It's time for dinner.” A stampede of children dismounted their brooms and ran for the door “Don't forget to wash your hands!” Ginny called after her oldest son.

Harry sat at a rather large table with his wife and daughter on either side of him and his sons across from him. “So what's this I hear about you pushing Al off of his broomstick, James?” I didn't do it, he just slipped!” James exclaimed. Harry looked rather disappointed with James so James the admitted “Okay I pushed him, but only a little!” Ginny smiled at her husband proud at the way he handled the issue.

“Mommy! Mommy! Did you see my card tower it's floating and everything!” Lily burst. “Yes honey. It's a very impressive tower of cards.” Lily sighed with satisfaction. “It's gonna have a starring role in the Christmas play tonight. The name of this year's show is 'How the snow and ash fell'. It will be amazing and James said that it would be kind of sad but happy at the same time.” Ginny smiled “Of course it will.”

Later that night with all of the adults seated on the porch and the kids working behind the stage that they set up the Christmas play started. 'Once upon a time there was a little girl called Harriet. When she was young her parents were killed by an evil witch named Valerie. She was raised by her Aunt Petra and Uncle Vermeil ,who hated Harriet because her parents had magic powers. On Harriet's Cousin Dominique's birthday Harriet accidentally made her fall into a lizard enclosure. Harriet discovered that she had magic powers and could talk to lizards. A few days later Harriet received a letter from a school called Hallow halls. Her Uncle burned that letter and all those after it. One day to get away from the letters he took his family to the top of a mountain. A large female witch called Heather came and got Harriet to take her to Hallow halls. On the ferry ride to the school Harriet met a girl named Rebecca and a boy called Henry. They quickly became fast friends. Over the course of the year they got into spots of trouble together. At the end of the year the three friends defeated the evil witch Valerie.' “The End until next year.” The children took their bows. The Christmas party ended and everyone went home smiling.

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