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Children's Nonfiction for Women's History Month

Celebrate by reading one of these stories about how women have changed history.

Girls think of everything: stories of ingenious inventions by women by Catherine Thimmesh ; illustrated by Melissa Sweet
Tells the story of how women throughout the ages have responded to situations confronting them in daily life by inventing such items as correction fluid, space helmets, and disposable diapers.

Almost astronauts: 13 women who dared to dream by Tanya Lee Stone ; [foreword by Margaret A. Weitekamp]
Even though the Mercury 13 women did not make it into space, they did not lose, for their example empowered young women to take their place in the sky, piloting jets and commanding space capsules. -- Provided by publisher.

Wild women of the Wild West by Jonah Winter ; illustrated by Susan Guevara
Describes the lives and accomplishments of noteworthy women from the Wild West, providing full-color portraits and biographical sketches of Calamity Jane, Annie Oakley, Belle Starr, Polly Pry, Nellie Cashman, and others, and including a time line.

Not one damsel in distress: world folktales for strong girls by collected and told by Jane Yolen ; with illustrations by Susan Guevara
A collection of thirteen traditional tales from various parts of the world, with the main character of each being a fearless, strong, heroic, and resourceful woman.

Let it shine: stories of Black women freedom fighters by Andrea Davis Pinkney ; illustrated by Stephen Alcorn
Tells the stories of ten African-American women freedom fighters including Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, and Rosa Parks.

Women explorers: perils, pistols, and petticoats by Julie Cummins ; illustrated by Cheryl Harness
Profiles ten female explorers throughout history, describing the lives and accomplishments of Nellie Cashman, Annie Smith Peck, and other women who climbed mountains, studied Aboriginal cultures, lived with Pygmies, and more.

Independent dames: what you never knew about the women and girls of the American Revolution by Laurie Halse Anderson ; illustrated by Matt Faulkner
Features the stories of some of the many women who played an important role in the American Revolution.

Shower of gold: girls and women in the stories of India by retold by Uma Krishnaswami ; with illustrations by Maniam Selven
A collection of stories featuring strong female figures from Hindu mythology, Buddhist tales, and others from the history and folklore of the Indian subcontinent. Each piece is accompanied by background information.

Madam president by Catherine Thimmesh ; illustrated by Douglas B. Jones
The extraordinary, true and evolving story of women in American politics.

The Brontë sisters: the brief lives of Charlotte, Emily, and Anne by Catherine Reef
Explores the turbulent lives of the three literary siblings and the oppressive times in which they lived, and offers insight into their classic nineteenth-century novels.

Ten queens: portraits of women of power by Milton Meltzer ; illustrated by Bethanne Andersen
Most of these queens were, by today's standards, astonishingly young. Some were schooled to rule, others not. But all were ambitious, passionate, and determined to hold power. -- Provided by publisher.

Herstory: women who changed the world by edited by Ruth Ashby and Deborah Gore Ohrn ; introduction by Gloria Steinem
A very special collection of short biographies offers insightful sketches of the lives and accomplishments of 150 of history's most influential and brilliant women. -- Provided by publisher.

Outrageous women of Civil War times by Mary Rodd Furbee
Biographies of some outspoken and influential women of the North and South who broke barriers both in battle and on the home front.

Ladies first: women athletes who made a difference by Ken Rappoport
Presents profiles describing how women athletes not only made a lasting impact on their sport but also on society by overcoming discrimination against their gender, and sometimes their race, and by challenging popular misconceptions about women and sports.

Women of the wind: early women aviators by Wanda Langley
Tells the stories of pioneering women aviators of the 20th century who paved the way for today's female pilots.


Women of the frontier by Charles W. Sundling
Describes the experiences of women who went west in the latter part of the nineteenth century.


Founding mothers: remembering the ladies by Cokie Roberts ; illustrated by Diane Goode
Presents an adaptation of the author's adult book that highlights an engaging cast of revolutionary founding mothers, including Martha Washington, Abigail Adams, and Dolley Madison.


Girls who rocked the world: heroines from Joan of Arc to Mother Teresa by Michelle Roehm McCann & Amelie Welden
Recounts the stories of forty-six women throughout history who impacted the world when they were teenagers or younger, covering Harriet Tubman, Coco Chanel, S.E. Hinton, Maya Lin, and others.