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Board Meeting Minutes — Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Chairperson, Kim Schulz, called the meeting to order at 7:32 pm.

Present: M. Farell, J. Fausone, T. Hartnett, K. Schulz
Absent: N. Eggenberger, S. Foster

Also Present: E. Davis, K. Gladden

Call to Audience

(L. Golden, R. Havenstein-Coughlin, L. Papa, S. Rzetelny, N. Szczepanski) – None

Approval of Agenda

The agenda was approved as amended by unanimous consent.

Approval of General Meeting Minutes

The minutes were approved by unanimous consent.


E. Davis shared with the board a congratulatory letter to building supervisor Jim Laffey, which was received from Camfil-Farr upon the library’s receipt of 5-star certification for our air filtration system.

Davis also shared a report received from the art appraiser hired by S. Rzetelny to analyze the value of artworks owned by the library, for insurance purposes.

Director’s Report

Davis reported on information received from two area libraries in response to her inquiry regarding their guidelines on board trustee attendance at conferences.

In response to a grant proposal submitted by members of the Information Services department, the Canton Lions Club has awarded the library a grant to start a low-vision collection. Magnifiers and other equipment will be made available for checkout; in this way, patrons will be able to experiment with these expensive items at home before committing to purchase them. (The Lions Club will also make funding available to assist low-vision patrons with such purchases.)

In response to her review (given by Chair Schulz in July), Davis is working on some projects which arose from that meeting. One is looking at alternate use of the space currently occupied by Jungle Java Express.

The Friends of Michigan Libraries (FOML) group made inquiry as to whether the library would be interested in hosting their two-day annual meeting in April 2014; the library is of course pleased to do so. Friends groups from both the upper and lower peninsulas will attend.

The new director of the Plymouth District Library, Carol Souchock, will begin her duties in September.

Unfinished Business & General Orders

Proposed 2014-2016 draft budget (2nd Draft) – Davis stated that changes requested at the July board meeting had been made and that the second draft should be more readily understandable, and that updated numbers received from Canton Township had also been incorporated.

Vice-Chair Fausone questioned if businesses with property valued under $40,000 would be exempted from paying personal property taxes, regardless of whether or not voters in 2014 authorize the partial reimbursement of lost revenue to schools, libraries and municipalities. Davis will check with Plante Moran for clarification.

Fausone also questioned why replacement of all HVAC units was assigned to one large fund balance transfer for capital replacement in the proposed 2016 budget; S. Rzetelny agreed that it made sense to average the replacement cost over five years and she will adjust the proposed budget accordingly.

New Business

Proposed 2014 Board Meeting Calendar

The regularly scheduled board meetings in February and April 2014 fall within the school system’s mid-winter and spring break schedules; the board recommended that the dates be moved back. Davis will bring the amended schedule back in September for an official vote by the full board.

Proposed New Payroll Services Firm

As the Business Services office has been unhappy for some time with the performance of the library’s current payroll services vendor (Paychex), they have been researching alternative companies. After seeking recommendations from other libraries, querying references and auditioning at least four other payroll services vendors, S. Rzetelny and her Business Services staff recommended the library contract with Paylocity. Davis requested the board’s approval to do so, once the contract has been approved by the library’s lawyers at Foster, Swift, Collins & Smith.

T. Hartnett moved and J. Fausone supported a motion to send 60 day notice to Paychex and to enter into a contract with Paylocity, contingent upon approval from the library’s attorney.

The motion passed unanimously 13/8-13-1.

Statistic of the Month – N. Szczepanski made a presentation to the board about the services provided by Unique Management Services (UMS), the company CPL contracts with to recover overdue library materials and/or fines and replacement costs.

Call to Audience



The meeting was adjourned at 8:18 PM.