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The Artist

The Artist has become the first silent film to win the Oscar for Best Picture since 1929 when the film Wings won the award at the very first Oscars ceremony. For more great films of the silent era try some of these titles from the Library's collection:

Broken blossoms [videodisc] by United Artists — A young Chinaman in London's squalid Limehouse district hopes to spread the peaceful philosophy of his Eastern religion. There he befriends a pitiful street waif who is mistreated by her brutal father.

City lights [videodisc] by a comedy romance in pantomime written and directed by Charles Chaplin — A tramp wins the love of a blind flower girl and attempts to obtain money from a millionaire to help her regain her sight

The Kid [videodisc] by [First National Pictures]written, produced, and directed by Charles Chaplin — The Tramp rescues an abandoned baby and raises him to become his inseparable sidekick

The gold rush [videodisc] by United Artists — A prospector goes to Alaska in search of gold and during a storm, he becomes trapped in a cabin with another prospector and an outlaw

The lodger [videodisc]: a story of the London Fog by Gainsborogough Pictures — A rash of murders causes a family to be suspicious of their tenant, a man who seems fascinated with their daughter

The man who laughs [videodisc] by Carl Laemmle presents a Universal Super-Jewel — A man whose features were distorted into a permanent grin becomes a clown with a circus troupe - where he meets and falls in love with a beautiful blind girl

Orphans of the storm [videodisc] — Two girls, raised as sisters, arrive in Paris on the eve of the French Revolution only the be cruelly and tragically separated

Pandora's box [videodisc] by ein Nero-Film — A beautiful young dancer is forced to flee her native Germany after a scuffle with her wealthy fiancee leaves him dead