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If you're looking for the cutting edge in Children's humor, you have found it!

Sidesplitters : a joke a day : 365 guaranteed giggles by illustrated by Martin Chatterton & Tony Trimmer

Knock, knock! by Saxton Freymann ... [et al.]

Scared silly! : Spongebob's book of spooky jokes by David Lewman

Jokelopedia : the biggest, best, silliest, dumbest, joke book ever by compiled by Ilana Weitzman ... [et al.] ; illustrations by Mike Wright

Laugh your head off : great jokes & giggles by Mike Artell ; illustrated by Rob Collinet

Nautical nonsense : a Spongebob joke book by Wendy Wax

Campfire funnies by David Lewman

Chitchat chuckles : a book of funny talk by Mark Ziegler ; illustrated by Ryan Haugen

Foul play : jokes that won't strike out by Rick and Ann Walton ; pictures by Brian Gable

Dr. Knucklehead's knock-knocks by Chris Tait ; illustrated by Lance Lekander

Gross-out jokes by compiled by Pam Rosenberg ; illustrated by Patrick Girouard

More really silly jokes : a Buddy Book by Cyl Lee

Silly jokes & giggles by Philip Yates & Matt Rissinger ; illustrated by Ed Shems

Over the top clean jokes for kids by Bob Phillips

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