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Bathtime Books

Great bath time reads, although we don't recommend taking them into the tub with you.

Bathtime piggywiggy by Christyan and Diane Fox

The fish is me : bathtime rhymes by selected by Neil Philip ; illustrated by Claire Henley

Kid tea by Elizabeth Ficocelli ; illustrated by Glin Dibley

Squeaky clean by Simon Puttock ; illustrated by Mary McQuillan

Maisy takes a bath by Lucy Cousins

Henry's bath by Margaret Perversi; illustrated by Ron Brooks

Pet wash by Dayle Ann Dodds ; illustrated by Tor Freeman

Mommy go away! by written by Lynne Jonell ; illustrated by Petra Mathers

Bubble bath pirates! by Jarrett J. Krosoczka

The raggly, scraggly, no-soap, no-scrub girl by David F.Birchman ; illustrated by Guy Porfirio

Scrubba dub by Nancy Van Laan ; illustrated by Bernadette Pons

The amazing adventures of Bathman! by Andrew T. Pelletier ; illustrated by Peter Elwell

Estelle takes a bath by Jill Esbaum ; illustrated by Mary Newell DePalma

The dirty little boy by b Margaret Wise Brown ; illustrated by Steven Salerno

Beasty bath by Robert Neubecker

Caillou : bath time by text, Joceline Sanschagrin ; illustrations , Pierre Brignaud

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