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2010 Approved Budget

At its September Budget Hearing, the Library Board of Trustees approved the library's 2010 budget (attached), levying a reduced millage rate of 1.4980 mills to generate total revenue of $5.2 million.  This is a reduction of about $600,000 compared to our 2009 budget, and a reduction of about $1.2 million compared to our 2008 budget.  While cuts had to be made to balance the budget as required by law, the Library Board also directed the administration team to preserve our 7-day operation and maintain our 72 hours of library service per week.  I am pleased to report that we've achieved these goals without permanently cutting library hours or having to enforce furlough days or layoffs.

These necessary cuts are a result of several factors, which all fall under the umbrella of "the recession:" 
  • Local property taxes account for 94% of our budget, and falling property values in the Township translates to fewer local property tax dollars coming to the library. 
  • Due to these tough economic times, the Library Board voted to continue levying the reduced millage rate of 1.4980 rather than reset the millage rate to 1.5437 (originally approved at 2.0 mills by Canton voters, Headlee has eroded this to a maximum levy of 1.5437 mills) and increase the property taxes Canton residents currently pay for library services.  The Board felt that asking residents to pay more at this time was unwise.
  • Budget woes at the state level have trickled down to mean less state revenue sharing to fund library services, both locally and at the statewide level for joint library services. 
  • Interest on our bank accounts and investments is way down compared to prior years. 
  • Donations, again mirroring the economy throughout the nation, are also way down compared to prior years. 

The budget for 2010 is a very tight budget and reflects a number of cuts to every department and area of the library.  As I reported previously, as the recession continues and the library continues to take a hit, we will keep doing our best to provide services with less funding.  Unfortunately, the cuts coming in 2010 will affect our services to you.  There will be fewer staff assisting you when you visit the library.  There will be longer lines for service when you need assistance.  There will be increased wait times for popular materials.  There will be fewer copies of items.  We will no longer be able to buy as many books or other materials you suggest for purchase.  There will be fewer sessions of computer classes, storytimes, and other programs, and the audiences will be larger.  We've extended the replacement cycle for our computer equipment and will not be replacing or upgrading any of our Internet computers next year. 

It is ironic that these library cuts come at a time when our community needs us more than ever.  I am proud of my staff for their teamwork and suggestions for balancing the 2010 budget, and their dedication to this community.  These are tough times, and I know I speak for everyone here when I thank you for your continued support and patronage of the library.  If any community can weather this storm, it's Canton!

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Eva M. Davis, Director

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