Meeting Minutes - October 15, 2009

October The Vice Chairperson, Michael Siegrist, called the meeting to order at 7:32PM
Present: J. Fausone, K. Schulz, M. Siegrist, G. Snow, D. Turner
Absent: C. Van Auken
Also Present: E. Davis, S. Rzetelny

Call to Audience

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Approval of Agenda

The agenda was approved with one addition

Approval of Minutes

  • Minutes of the September 17th Budget Hearing Meeting were approved with correction
  • Minutes of the September 17th Regular Meeting were approved as written


Debbie Bilbrey-Honsowetz, Canton Township Economic Development Director contacted Eva to explain that the Township is applying for a 2010 EPA Grant of approximately $400,000 intended for Brownfield Assessment and Redevelopment. She asked that the library be a repository for public documents relating to Township brown field redevelopment projects. She also asked Eva to participate on the stakeholder advisory committee to assist the Township in investigating opportunities for Brownfield redevelopment. The grant would allow brownfield redevelopment and provide the township with incremental tax captures (similar to a DDA) to repay the loans provided by the grant but, allows the captures for multiple sites with a 30-year sunset. The library would be allowed only one opt-out option, for redeveloped landfill sites. Eva advised Debbie that while she is willing to have the library be the public document repository she has a concern with the tax capture.
Eva noted she had contacted the Michigan Library Association and spoke with Gretchen Couraud who provided some clarification on the opt-out language and mentioned the Michigan Counties Association and MLA will unite to draft language allowing additional opt-out opportunities should brownfields be revisited by the State legislature.
D. Turner questioned the Library’s involvement as a stakeholder. Trustee Schultz noted that Eva’s participation on the committee would be a way to keep the board informed of possible future brownfield redevelopment. Secretary Fausone stated he is familiar with brownfield development boards and didn’t think it would involve a great deal of Eva’s time, but noted the inherent risk of supporting brownfield work with which the library board may disagree and suggested Eva only consider a role informally and not on the advisory board. Eva will write the requested letter of support and investigate the time commitment of serving on the advisory committee.

Report of the Library Director

  • In process of getting staff feedback on a new logo which is more reflective of our mission statement. Laurie Golden will have a sample mock up of the newsletter and stationary to show the Board at the November meeting. Trustee Snow questioned the expense of creating a new logo but Eva responded that the design work, including providing different “print” formats, was completed with a discount for approximately $1,500
  • The Library is participating in Macy’s “Shop for a Cause” campaign (a national day of support for local non-profit organizations). We are selling passes which can be used at Macy’s on October 17th and provide a 25% discount. The passes are $5.00 and the library retains the full sales price as a donation.
  • The November agenda will include a board discussion for the director’s evaluation. Eva will submit a self-evaluation to the board at that time
  • Trustee Schulz commended Eva and the staff on the way they handled the recent murder/suicide in the library parking lot. Eva reports the Canton Police will be having a debriefing with Administrative staff to review the event from a procedural standpoint

Old Business

RFID Tagging Services – Phase I – The Board viewed the mobile processing station which was in the conference room. Testing is in progress to locate the optimum tag placement. Interviews were held and nine people were hired by Backstage, including some CPL staff. Claire McLaughlin has shown a demo to CPL staff who will be tagging new material as it arrives. Trustee Schulz wondered what happens to the old tags. Testing is in progress and staff is confident that the old tags would not have to be removed since the new equipment won’t read them, but Leo Papa reports that Backstage is committed to removing the old tags if there is interference. Locking cases will also no longer be used as the tag is applied directly to the DVD or CD.

New Business

3rd Quarter Budget Amendment – Trustee Fausone questioned the increased bank fees and the fee for removal of the diseased pine trees in the courtyard.

J. Fausone moved and K. Schulz supported a motion to approve the 2009 3rd Quarter Budget Amendments as presented.

The motion passed unanimously 09/10-15-1

RFID Phase II – Software Conversion — After reviewing recent RFID implementations at several libraries and speaking with staff as to efficiency, Leo Papa recommends and is seeking the Board’s commitment to Innovative and approval of a requisition to purchase Innovative software for self-check and fee payment and the circulation license for Phase II of the tagging project at a cost of approximately $52,755. Approval for additional Phase II expenses will be requested at a later date.

K. Schulz moved and D. Turner supported a motion to authorize the purchase order to Innovative for the RFID tagging project Phase II software to be paid in 2010.

The motion passed unanimously 09/10-15-2


Call to Audience


Meeting was adjourned at 8:08 p.m.
James Fausone – Secretary/Treasurer

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