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Canton Pair Featured in Saturday's New York Times

Canton ice dancers Meryl Davis and Charlie White are featured in Saturday's New York Times. Read about their international success and bid for Olympic gold in Vancouver!

MeL Users' Turn to Talk

If you are already using online resources and/or are an avid borrower of materials sent here for your use from other libraries, take the MeL survey and tell the people in Lansing who make it possible how they're doing. If not, why not find out about this service!

Changes in the Museum Adventure Pass Program

This weekend the 174 libraries in southeast Michigan that participate in Macy's Museum Adventure Pass program will transition from year two to year three. Four museums dropped out and four new ones have been added: the University of Michigan Matthaei Botanical Gardens, the Paint Creek Center for the Arts, Shalom Street, and the Troy Museum and Historic Village. You can see the entire list and availability of passes in the library catalog.

College Football in Our Backyard -- Almost

Saturday's college football includes action just a few miles down the road as Eastern Michigan University takes on the University of Michigan.  You can read what each school says about Saturday's contest and even more football facts in the library's sports collection.  Go Eagles, Go Blue!

You might be able to help us save some of your tax dollars by allowing us to put your email address in your patron record. We won’t send you anything except circulation notices — the item you put on hold is ready to be picked up, the library materials you have out will be due back in two days, reminders of materials you haven’t returned yet — that we would otherwise have to send by printed notices or telephone message. In fact, our “courtesy notices”, those messages we send two days before your items are due back to the library, can only be sent by email — and you’re missing out (and possibly paying overdue fines) if we don’t have your email address. Using email to contact you is also GREEN! We won’t be using paper or postage if we can contact you by email. Just stop at the Checkout Desk and give a staff member your email address, and if you don’t have an email address, ask a librarian at the Reference Desk how you can get started.

Library Volunteers Wanted (Needed!)

The library is SO busy, and you're checking out and returning SO many books on CD, DVDs, and of course books that we are having a hard time getting them back on the shelf.  If you can volunteer to help us on a regular basis we'd be SO grateful!   To volunteer, just fill out this short form and return it to Kathie Gladden at the library.  And thank you!

Library Sets Another Circulation Record!

Each year the library checks out its one millionth item a little earlier. In 2008 it was Wednesday, July 23, that our circulation for the year reached 1,000,000. This year it was this past Wednesday, July 1, that the one millionth item was checked out. Thank you for supporting our efforts!

Michigan eLibrary Down Wednesday, April 15th

MeL, the Michigan Electronic Library, will be down all day Wednesday for system maintenance. As a result,
  • No one will be able to search MeLCat or place MeLCat requests
  • No one will be able to renew MeLCat items

Stop at or call the Reference Desk for MeL assistance during this time.

Remember the Library Catalog's Former Look?

The library's online catalog has matured and provides users with a lot more information than it used to.  Remember the bluLibrary Catalog Circa 1993e background screens and text-based options of author, title, subject, words?  Well, look at the catalog now!  You get the cover image, a tag cloud (keywords based on the item's content), the option to save the record and rate it, the ability to limit your search, hyperlinks to other it

Library Seem Busy? It is!

14% more items were checked out last month than in February 2008!  156,522 items were checked out last month, and nearly 12% more items were checked out this January than last January.  The library really is much busier.  Our staff recently implemented changes to check items in and get them back on the shelf more efficiently, and it's a good thing we did with numbers like these!

Great Travel Info Available at the Library

I just returned from a vacation on the Pacific coast of California.  Here's a photo I took.  A book I used to plan my trip is Experience the California Coast and here is a map of the area from the library's collection.