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Language blogs can help you learn about another culture as well as words and meanings that have altered, adapted or changed from one country to another. For example, a recent German language blog stated that

the word Über (about, above, over) is the most interesting of all the words which have made it into the English language. I didn’t start to recognize the use of it in English idiomatic expressions until a few years ago when a friend of mine said, "Texting and driving is über dangerous." You see, unlike German when über is used as preposition, it has taken on a new meaning and a new part of speech in English. Über is now an intensifier. An intensifier does just that, intensifies the meaning of a word. Über, though meaning about, over or above, works the same way. For something to be above or over cool and likewise bad, über is definitely über appropriate to use.

Another example of using this word in German is Übermensch, or the word for Superman, when mensch means man and the first part of the word is the intensifier.

Transparent languages website has language blogs in Spanish, Chinese, German, French and many other languages. Here is an example from the German language blog.

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