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Weird Books About Weird Animals

Nature is a weird and funny place. Check out these books to see some the weirdest animals around. These are the newest board books about animals. What's amazing is that the books in this list are all from the last two years. There's a lot more where that came from!

Hide and seek in the jungle by [written by Sean Callery ; illustrated by Rebecca Robinson]

Animal I spy : what can you spot? by [illustrated by Kate Sheppard]

A day at the farm by [text, Joceline Sanschagrin ; illustrations, Pierre Brignaud ; coloration, Marcel Depratto]

Baby animals by text by Dawn Sirett ; design by Victoria Palastanga and Victoria Harvey

Animals talk by illustrated by Emily Bolam

Animals go by illustrated by Emily Bolam

Animals by [author, Nina Filipek ; illustrator, Jeanette O'Toole]

Animals by text, Charlie Gardner

Blue goose : a book about colors by Nancy Tafuri

Baby animals by illustrated by Nadeem Zaidi

Baby animals by Garth Williams

Pig-a-boo! : a farmyard peekaboo book by written by Dorothea DePrisco ; illustrated by Treesha Runnells


Animals by Simms Taback

Hungry dinosaurs

At the beach with the snappy little crab

Hidden hippo by written by Joan Gannij ; illustrated by Clare Beaton

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