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Thorndyke Thoughts

Hey Kids!
So I have some happy news to share! There have been some exciting things happening. The first is that two weeks ago lots of the Children's Tween and Teen librarians went to a big library conference in Kalamazoo. They had to leave me and Miss Sandra in charge (but that's another story). While they were there, Miss Anna, one of our teen librarians won a very special award! It's called the Pletz Award. This mean that Miss Anna does a super great job working with all the teens! Great Job Miss Anna! I'm so proud of you!
The other exciting thing makes me a little sad. One of my other librarian friends, Miss Anne Cnockaert is leaving! She is going to work at another library with teens. I know she will do a really super duper job, but I will miss her! I know that lots of you will miss her too. Do me a big favor, okay? If you see Miss Anne this week — make sure you give her a big hug!
Until next time!
Bear Hugs!