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Shake what you've got!

In these cold grey days it can be very difficult to fit physical activities into your day. Don't forget, it's always a good time to put on some music and transform your living room into a hoppin' dance floor! Here are some great family friendly tunes to help you get off your duff and shake things up.

They Might Be Giants No! - the title track has a great rock guitar riff that will get you bopping around.
Jim Gill Makes it Noisy In Boise - parents can definitely stand to listen to the swing sensation "The night we made it noisy in Boise, Idaho" and "Let's Dance Now!" I don't think it's possible to sit still and listen to those.
*Note- if you're a fan of Jim Gill, check out his Facebook page! He gives updates about his appearances and he has also announced that he's currently working on a new album! We can't wait to hear it!
The Music Man - so it isn't technically a children's CD, but what better way to get active than to march around the house to "Seventy six trombones"?


Wed, 2010-01-27 15:03
I love The Music Man! It's such happy, fun music that it can't help but cheer you up. Sandra Boynton's Philadelphia Chickens always makes me want to dance around, too.