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Looking for a Fun Fantasy-Mystery Series?

Try the highly recommended (by teen and tween Amazon reviewers) Grim Hill series. It is a fast, fun, clean urban fantasy series that is now up to Book #4. The first book, The Secret of Grim Hill, introduces you to Cat Peters who hates her new life after her parents' divorce. She gets detention at school for silly things such as wearing blue jeans. Things seem to be take a wondrous turn for the better when she wins a soccer scholarship to an exclusive school over the hill, Grimoire, and gains celebrity status as the whole town becomes crazed about soccer games. Her little sister, Sookie, and Jasper, their nerdy neighbor, however, sense that things are "all wrong." In fact, terrible things soon start happening. They learn that a whole soccer team mysteriously disappeared years ago, but no one in the town seems to remember. Then Sookies goes missing. Cat and Jasper find a curious book about ancient fairies and celtic mythology and realize something truly wicked is at work inside the walls of Grimore.
Check out this winner of the Silver Birch Award. It is a series with "solid tween appeal," "has a mix of realism, whimsy, and legend," and is quite a "winning, fun and spooky series...that fantasy addicts will devour."