Kudos for Clockwork Three!

Ready for an awesome page-turner with characters who just can't seem to avoid trouble no matter how good their intentions are? And when you get to the end you can't believe you won't meet up with them again in a sequel, despite your most ardent wishes? Well then, pick up The Clockwork Three, Matthew Kirby's debut novel. Giuseppe was taken from his family in Italy and sold to a ruthless master who forces him to work the streets as a musician and hand over the money he earns — or face dire consequences. Frederick was rescued from a rotten orphanage by a kind clockmaker and is very intelligent. He dreams of a creating a magnificent clockwork man, not unlike the one you might have read about in The Invention of Hugo Cabret. Hannah works as a maid in a grand hotel to support her family after her father suffers a stroke. She encounters a wonderful guest who rescues her from her life of drudgery, but her good fortune quickly takes a horrible turn for the worse. Mysterious circumstances link these kids together. Adventures sweep them down winding alleys and across glittering plazas of the city. They must learn to trust in one another as they face daunting dangers, if not, they risk losing all that is most precious to them.
(Enter the world of The Clockwork Three here.)

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