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Shakespearean Hits

Looking for a good, and not-too-long, book for that historical fiction assignment? Then pick up Gretchen Woefle's All the World's a Stage: a Novel in Five Acts. As you might guess, it is set in England during Shakespeare's time, but it is also a coming-of-age story that revolves around a very interesting event. Twelve-year-old orphan Kit messes up big time as a cutpurse at the Theatre playhouse, but is lucky enough to be offered a chance to work off his offense instead of going to jail. Although Kit is plagued with a volitile temper that often trips him up, he begins to enjoy the on- and offstage dramas of theater life and the work involved in stage productions. When the landlord evicts the Lord Chamberlain's Men from the his land that their playhouse in on, Kit joins the secret plot to dismantle the playhouse and move it to a new location. This clandestine feat must be accomplished while the landlord is away for Christmas and the suspense mounts as they scamble to find skilled workers who are willing to help them. Will they succeed? Will Kit ever his place in life? Will he be able to trust anyone enough to be a true friend? Read and find out! Woefle provides a great glossary at the back of the book, as well as suggested readinngs, DVDS, and websites. Absolute Shakespeare is comprehensive.

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