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Historical Fantasy At Its Best!

Suspense, action, mystery, historical facts, supernatural, good and evil — the Crowfield Curse by Pat Walsh combines all of these elements to make one gripping read. Warning! You may not be able to put the book down to do the basic necessities of life.
When 14-year-old William Paynel, an orphaned and impoverished servant at Crowfield Abbey, is sent into the forest to gather fireswood, he discovers a magical creature suffering in a trap. When he releases and befriends this hobgoblin he discovers he has the gift of seeing fays, but also learns a horrible secret — a mythical, angelic being is buried under an ancient curse. When two darkly cloaked figures appear one day at the abbey, Will reluctantly becomes embroiled in unraveling a mystery involving Old Magic, a bitter feud, and ancient secrets. After completing this page-turner you will want to visit the author's website to learn more about the world and characters behind this book, as well as when its sequel will be published.