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Help your child with reading

The library has many wonderful resources to help parents take an active role in teaching their children to read. Literacy begins early. Reading aloud with your children, from birth to beyond when they can read on their own is important to fostering reading ability and enthusiasm. We have books such as The Read-Aloud Handbook and Baby read-aloud basics: fun and interactive ways to help your little one discover the world of words to help you get comfortable with that. You can also develop reading lessons at home that fit your child by using books like The reading lesson: the intelligent reading program for young children. Combined with educational computer games like Reader Rabbit or Jumpstart Reading you could create your own family fun time that also fosters reading skills.

For more resources, browse the J372.41 section in the Parenting section or the Adult Nonfiction section. You'll be surprised by how much good information there is to help you.