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Great Nordic Fantasy

If you enjoyed Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods you should give the Norse Gods and Jack a try. The Nancy Farmer triology which began with the Sea of Trolls is now complete with The Islands of the Blessed which was just published. (Books #2 is The Land of the Silver Apples, in case you are wondering!) It is high fantasy at it best, with bards and apprentice bards, trolls and elves, captures and narrow escapes, trials and learning, humor and wisdome, lads and lasses. After finishing one book, I couldn't wait for the next adventure to begin. Reviewers remarks: "It is Jack, with his grounded humanity and his search for a moral path, who forms the heart of this memorable tale, but the entirety of Farmer’s sweeping story will linger long after the intriguing conclusion."  "It's also a long, beautifully written tale, expertly weaving together several story lines and informing readers new to the series of crucial plot points from the previous volumes. Even the appendix is fun, offering additional information and a link to a site where a Celtic war trumpet can be heard. Readers may well suspect—and hope—that a new series of Jack's tales may be in the offing. (Fantasy. 10-14)"  I agree wholeheartedly!