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Grammar Goes Graphic!

We have two new nonfiction series that explain English grammar basics in a exciting, easy to understand format. And best of all, it's fun!

In Grammar All Stars, sports announcer Buzz Star meets children athletes who help him better understand parts of speech. Who knew tennis had anything to do with conjunctions? Or Surfing with Compounds? Or golf and adverbs? Or football and nouns? Examples of the part of speech highlighted in the book appear in bold text to help kids understand the context in which these types of words are used. Each book also includes a related practice activity (with answers) to help reinforce the concepts expressed in the book.

The Grammar Ray series is told in graphic novel format. Robots must defeat villians and learn about grammar and punctuation along the way. A wry sense of humor permeates this series with funny word play and silly "commercial interruptions". This series also visually highlights parts of speech in context and includes fun practice activities for kids to review what they've learned.