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Emerald Atlas — a Gem of a Fantasy

Ready for another fantastic fantasy series? The Books of Beginning is here, beginning with The Emerald Atlas by John Stephens. Meet Kate, Michael, and Emma — siblings who have been ousted from many orphanages ever since the disappearance of their parents 10 years ago. They finally wind up in a very strange home in Cambridge Falls run by a Dr. Pym that has no other children at all. While exploring this run-down mansion, they happen upon a mysterious emerald atlas that has the power to transport them in time. From this point on their lives are filled with fast-paced magical adventures in that age-old struggle between good and evil. Along they way they are separated, encounter humorous dwarves, fall prey to an evil countess-witch's wiles, are guided by wise wizards, are attacked by horrific creatures, and realize to save hundreds of innocent people, they have to be ready to sacrifice themselves. By the end of Book One you feel as if you really know and care about these characters and the next challenges they will face in discovering the other two books. These three powerful books when combined hold those magical secrets which brought the universe to life, but in the wrong hands can destroy it. With shades of Harry Potter, Narnia, and Tolkien, this is epic fantasy in the making.

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