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Beethoven's Birthday - December 16th!

Ludwig van Beethoven, probably born on December 16, 1770, is one of the most well-known classical composers of all times. He is often referred to as a "giant straddling two styles," the Classical and Romatic, and is famous for his tempestuous personality as well as powerful music. His life was full of many challenges, but he managed to soar above them all and bequeathe us with some of the most beautiful, moving, and immortal music ever. How many people have the courage and determination to overcome a harsh childhood? How many would be able to perform, conduct, and write music even though they were stricken with deafness? How many would have the courage to insult a military leader as powerful as Napolean once they realized he was a two-faced dictator instead of a freedom fighter? Despite the harsh realities of Life, Beethoven ended his last major work, the 9th Symphony, with an Ode to Joy. May our spirits be lifted by this beautiful musical testament this holiday season and as we face our own challenges.
Biographies are available in the Childern's Department, as well as movies and CD's.
The Adult Department offers an even greater selection of materials and a Google search on Beethoven gives you access to more information and music by this great master than you would ever imagine. A most fitting tribute to this musical giant.