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Life is an Adventure!

Agent Zigzag: a true story of Nazi espionage, love, and betrayal by Ben MacIntyre — A charming British thief and con man becomes a spy during World War II – and turns double agent

Beneath the sands of Egypt: adventures of an unconventional archaeologist by Donald P. Ryan — Archaeologist excavates Egypt’s Valley of the Kings

Blood and thunder: an epic of the American West by Hampton Sides — Kit Carson – trapper, soldier and scout in the 19th century Southwest – confronts  Manifest Destiny

Boone: a biography by Robert Morgan — Legendary frontiersman helps open the trans-Appalachian West, and along the way fights in both the French and Indian War and the American Revolution

Captain Cook: master of the seas by Frank McLynn — Explorer makes the first European contact with Australia and the Hawaiian Islands

Dancing to the precipice: the life of Lucie de la Tour du Pin, eyewitness to an era by Caroline Moorehead — Lucie Dillon grows up in the court of Marie Antoinette, survives the French Revolution and hangs out with Napoleon and Josephine

David Crockett: the Lion of the West by Michael Wallis — Tennessee backwoodsman, bear hunter, and soldier is elected to the U.S. Congress – and dies at the Alamo

The floor of heaven: a true tale of the last frontier and the Yukon gold rush by Howard Blum — AWOL from the U.S. Marines, prospector George Carmack discovers gold in the Yukon in 1897

The greater journey: Americans in Paris by David McCullough — Adventurous American artists, writers, doctors, politicians and architects set off for Paris between 1830 and 1900

Half moon: Henry Hudson and the voyage that redrew the map of the New World by Douglas Hunter — In search of the Northwest Passage, Henry Hudson encounters mutiny, espionage, and political maneuvering – but still discovers the Hudson River

Halsey's typhoon: the true story of a fighting admiral, an epic storm, and an untold rescue by Bob Drury & Tom Clavin — In December, 1944 Admiral William Halsey’s Third Fleet is hit by a typhoon in the shark-infested waters of the Pacific Ocean

I have seen the future: a life of Lincoln Steffens by Peter Hartshorn — ”Muckraking” journalist exposes political corruption, covers the Mexican Revolution, befriends Teddy Roosevelt and pioneers investigative journalism

In the heart of the sea: the tragedy of the whaleship Essex by Nathaniel Philbrick — In 1820, the Nantucket whaling ship Essex is rammed and sunk by an engraged sperm whale leaving its survivors adrift for three months over a distance of 4,500 miles

The irregulars: Roald Dahl and the British spy ring in wartime Washington by Jennet Conant — Dashing young RAF pilot becomes a British spy during World War II – and later writes Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

Lighting out for the territory: how Samuel Clemens became Mark Twain by Roy Morris, Jr — Samuel Clemens travels west in 1861 and returns six years later as Mark Twain

The man who ate his boots: the tragic history of the search for the Northwest passage by Anthony Brandt — In the early 19th century, the British navy sends out expedition after expedition in search of the fabled Northwest Passage

Mornings on horseback by David McCullough — A sickly young Teddy Roosevelt grows up to be a cowboy, Harvard graduate, New York City police commissioner and President of the United States

Over the edge of the world: Magellan's terrifying circumnavigation of the globe by Laurence Bergreen — In 1519, Ferdinand Magellan goes in search of a sea route to the Spice Islands and ends up circumnavigating the world

Sisters of fortune: America's Caton sisters at home and abroad by Jehanne Wake — 19th century American heiresses sail to England, marry aristocrats and have glamorous adventures in France and England

Undaunted courage: Meriwether Lewis, Thomas Jefferson, and the opening of the American West by Stephen E. Ambrose — In 1803, Meriwether Lewis, William Clark and their Corps of Discovery journey across the continent – encountering Native American tribes, unknown species of plants and animals, and untold challenges

The voyage of the Catalpa: a perilous journey and six Irish rebels' escape to freedom by Peter F. Stevens — In 1875, a New Bedford, Massachusetts whaling vessel sets out to rescue six Irish rebels from Britain’s infamous prison colony in Freemantle, Australia

Wild Bill Donovan: the spymaster who created the OSS and modern American espionage by Douglas C. Waller — Wall Street lawyer becomes the founder of America’s intelligence service

Witness: adventurer and foreign correspondent, friend and emissary of FDR and Eleanor Roosevelt, maker of – and witness to – history, tells her extraordinary story with 200 of her own photographs by Ruth Gruber — Pioneering foreign correspondent’s career spans eight decades

Young woman and the sea: how Trudy Ederle conquered the English Channel and inspired the world by Glenn Stout — In 1926, 18-year old Gertrude Ederle becomes the first woman to swim the English Channel