Library dedication plaque 1988

Yo! You’ll be seeing, like, a lot of totally ‘80s-inspired posts over the next month and a half, and some CPL programs will be taken over by the ‘80s in October. While the library’s lobby was under construction early this summer, a rad time capsule was uncovered! It was placed there when CPL moved to this building in 1988 after eight years on the third floor of the Township Administration Building. So much has changed over the last 31 years, but our connection to the community has been present since day one. 

So throw on your parachute pants and keep your eyes on our social media pages for #ThrowbackThursday and #TBT posts to see how much the library has grown, #80sPopCulture blogs for major nostalgia and #80sActivities for CPL programs. Because (spoiler alert), the only way Dance Your Fanny Off can possibly get any better is with "Walkin' On Sunshine." We’ll even have an Experience to Go Kit fitting the theme.

We are celebrating to the max, and we’re not afraid to get cheesy; after all, we’re talking about the era of shoulder pads and big hair. All of this ‘80s goodness is leading up to the #PrimeTimeEvent on Wednesday, October 16, where we will break the glorious time capsule open and have a gnarly patron party. In the style of prime time news, our mustached reporter will be covering the event if you can’t make it, so use #PrimeTimeCapsule (hashtag or pound sign, depending on the decade) the day of or for general updates now until October 16. 


For your convenience, here is a printable list of our September programs.

As part of the 9th annual Canton Acts of Culture Week, our staff created a self-guided art tour in the form of a map. Pick one up at the Main Desk if you're interested. Discover our sculptures, quilts, paper mache works, bronze statues, vintage posters and more. You can also view a video or see most of the art with a 'walk' through via Google.

For your convenience, here is a printable list of our May programs. Please note the library closures on May 26 and 27 for Memorial Day.

President's Volunteer Service Awards were presented. Thank you, volunteers!

President's Volunteer Service Awards


Bronze awards require 50 hours of service for volunteers aged 14-15 years and 100 hours of service for volunteers who are over 16 years old.

  • Nancy Austin
  • Chi Hoang
  • Patty Jenkins
  • Lisa Kluka
  • Loretta Olson
  • Nancy Smith
  • Carol Symanns
  • Rosemary Tanasoff
  • Russ Verage


Silver awards require 75 hours of service for volunteers aged 14-15, 175 hours of service for volunteers aged 16-25 and 250 hours for volunteers who are 26 and over.

  • Linda Garrett
  • Roxanne Gill
  • Deb Luczkowski
  • Julie Poskie
  • Judy Richardson
  • Larry Richardson
  • Linda Wisniewski


Gold awards require 100 hours of service for volunteers aged 14-15, 250 hours of service for volunteers aged 16-25 and 500 hours for volunteers who are 26 and over.

  • Kathy Young

Lifetime Achievement

The Lifetime Achievement award is given to volunteers who complete 4,000 hours of service.

  • Larry Hoelscher
  • Shirley Reynolds

Friends' Education Award Scholarship

Awarded in August, this scholarship is provided by the Friends of the Canton Public Library.

  • Ayush Shah

Here is April's printable program list for your convenience. Please note that the library is closed on Sunday, April 21. 

Here is a printable March program calendar for your convenience. Please note that storytimes are not running this month (aside from Count Me In! Special Needs Storytime on March 23) since we have First Grade Round Up with local schools. Storytimes will be back in session in April.

Is it possible to train your brain to increase your happiness? Science says yes. In just 21 days, you can rewire your brain to work more optimistically and successfully by taking a prescribed set of actions. Journey along with us as, starting February 27, we take 21 days to retrain our brains culminating in a celebration on International Day of Happiness, March 20. It's easy to participate by writing in a journal or in the comments of the library's daily Facebook posts where we will also be sharing what makes us smile.


For more on this theory, watch The Secret to Better Work, a TED Talk by Shawn Achor. View all 15 minutes or pick it up at the 10 minute mark for retraining exercises. 

Here is a printable February program calendar for your convenience.

Here is a printable list of our January programs for your convenience.