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Beekeeping - Is it for you?

So you've heard about the declining bee populations as well as how important these pollinators are to the environment. One-third of our food supply relies upon them for pollination which is essential for the reproduction of the plants the bees service. If these are not reasons enough to keep bees there is also the delectable honey. If you have been entertaining the idea of keeping bees you probably already know this, but you might not know the next step. First, you should consider the negative aspects of keeping bees. If you are still interested, you'll want to learn about beekeeping and where to get equipment. You can find bees and equipment online, or better yet, from a local provider such as Groeb Farms Bee Supply Store located in Onsted, MI. You may also want to take some classes from someone like Bob the Bee Guy. You can call yourself a beekeeper when you refer to your first bee sting from one of your bees as a "love bite." Good luck! [Photo courtesy of AP Images]