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Rally for Michigan Libraries

Rally at the Capitol 9/10/09On September 10, library supporters will rally at the State Capitol in Lansing to encourage legislators to save the Library of Michigan and the important shared statewide resources, such as MeL databases and MeLCat interlibrary loan, that Canton Public Library users value. The rally will start at 9:30AM and supporters are asked to wear red shirts to show their support for statewide joint services.

The Governor's Executive Order dismantles the Department of History, Arts & Libraries and places the services of the Library of Michigan — both physical and online collections — in jeopardy. State funding and federal matching funds for MeLCat interlibrary loan and 25 MeL databases are at stake; due to the local economy and cuts to local funding associated with the recession, the Canton Public Library does not have the funds to pay for interlibrary loan or online genealogical, historical, or reference products if the state legislature does not act to maintain statewide library services — Canton residents would lose access to these resources.

Please show your support for libraries at this critical time. At stake is the Library of Michigan and all of its holdings, MeLibrary online databases; the MeLCat interlibrary loan system; and MeL Tests and Tutorials. The State Aid to Public Libraries Act 89 of 1977 requires that libraries receive $1.50 per capita, or $15.4 million, in funding. Libraries in the state currently receive 96 cents per capita, or $10 million. The Senate-passed budget cuts library funding to $7.5 million, less than half of what is statutorily required by law.

Show your library love and help us make sure that libraries remain a vital resource in our community.


Wed, 2009-08-26 18:43

This is so upsetting. With these bad economic times, people are turning to libraries more than ever and as someone who uses MeLCat and the Michigan ELibrary regularly, I can't imagine being cut off from it.

I can't be there on the 10th because I have to work, but if there's anything else we can do other than show up in Lansing, let the library patrons know.

Thu, 2009-08-27 09:23

Thank you, beths0103, for your comments. The Michigan Library Association has created an advocacy website, Michigan Libraries for the Future, that details the impact of the state-level cuts and includes information on how you can communicate with our legislators to save these statewide joint resources.