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30 Gifts We've Gotten From Our Friends

The Friends of the Canton Public Library have been the biggest donors to the library over the last 30 years. In addition to their very generous gift to the Endowment Fund and programs like Summer Reading, they have also purchased some very nice items. Here are 30 items given to CPL by the Friends.
  1. The Sculpture
  2. Our first globe
  3. READ posters
  4. Courtyard benches
  5. Sundial
  6. Countless computers, including our first
  7. Video Camcorder
  8. Michigan Book Collection items
  9. Various decorations
  10. Sign holders
  11. Laser disc player
  12. Flags
  13. Community Room furniture
  14. Printers
  15. Children's Courtyard sculpture
  16. Microfilm reader
  17. Giraffes in Children's Library
  18. Casio keyboard
  19. Women's Collection contributions
  20. Annual employee scholarship
  21. Audiobooks and eBooks
  22. Book carts
  23. Study carrels
  24. Quiet Study room furniture
  25. Brightboard monitors
  26. Endowment recognition plaque
  27. Bedtime Story art
  28. LCD projector for the Community Room
  29. Bedtime Story plaque
  30. Lots of support, smiles and undying devotion