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Paczki Day!

As a Catholic kid growing up in Detroit, Paczki Day was always a very big deal at my school. The entire day was dedicated to fun, games and food, especially the yummy — and extremely fattening — Paczki which were provided for the students. Traditionally celebrated in the United States on Shrove Tuesday (i.e. the day before Ash Wednesday), to Americans of Polish descent - or any anyone who grew up in Metro Detroit — Paczki Day means eating paczki — those scrumptious jelly-filled, deep-fried donuts. Although you can buy paczki in many places in the area, the best place to get the real thing is in a traditional Polish bakery such as the ones that can be found in Hamtramck. Mmmm .... good!


Mon, 2009-02-23 16:31
Yum...I can't wait to get some of these! Holiday Market here in Canton makes very good ones, if you can't get to a Polish bakery!