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The environment is important to Canton Public Library and the Canton community. Canton Green Resources include:


Looking to get out of the rat race? Striving for less? Check out these books for great minimalist tips:

Philosophy of Simplicity

Enough already!: clearing mental clutter to become the best you by Peter Walsh

Simplexity: why simple things become complex (and how complex things can be made simple) by Jeffrey Kluger

Practice random acts of kindness: bring more peace, love, and compassion into the world by the editors of Random Acts of Kindness; foreword by Harold Kushner; preface to the new edition by Will Glennon

Give it up: my year of learning to live better with less by Mary Carlomagno

Nothing left over: a plain and simple life by Toinette Lippe

The 50 best ways to simplify your life: proven techniques for achieving lasting balance by Patrick Fanning & Heather Garnos Mitchener

Living the simple life: a guide to scaling down and enjoying more by Elaine St. James

Life makeovers: 52 practical and inspiring ways to improve your life one week at a time by Cheryl Richardson

Don't sweat the small stuff — and it's all small stuff: simple ways to keep the little things from taking over your life by Richard Carlson

Inner peace for busy people: 52 simple strategies for transforming your life by Joan Borysenko

The little book of letting go: a revolutionary 30-day program to cleanse your mind, lift your spirit, and replenish your soul by Hugh Prather

Graceful simplicity: toward a philosophy and politics of simple living by Jerome M. Segal

Simplifying Work

Simple solutions: harness the power of passion and simplicity to get results by Thomas Schmitt and Arnold Perl

The simplicity survival handbook: 32 ways to do less and accomplish more by Bill Jensen

Simplify your work life: ways to change the way you work so you have more time to live by Elaine St. James

Downshifting: how to work less and enjoy life more by John D. Drake

Simple Home Economics

The simple home: the luxury of enough by Sarah Nettleton and Frank Edgerton Martin

The barefoot home: dressed-down design for casual living by Marc Vassallo; photographs by Ken Gutmaker

The busy mom's guide to simple living: creative ideas and practical ways for making the most out of what you have by Jackie Wellwood

Getting organized: the easy way to put your life in order by Stephanie Winston

Materialism and Consumerism

The overspent American: why we want what we don't need by Juliet B. Schor

Not buying it: my year without shopping by Judith Levine

Affluenza: the all consuming epidemic by John de Graaf, David Wann, Thomas H. Naylor; in association with Redefining Progress; illustrations by David Horsey; foreword by Scott Simon

The high price of materialism by Tim Kasser