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Even More Chick Fic

The stand-in by Kate Clemens — Diva movie star Jayne Cooper needs to know how real people live to get a role. So when she stumbles across her look-alike Mary Lynn McLellan working as a cashier at the Food Barn, she convinces her to switch lives.

Undead and unwed by MaryJanice Davidson — Betsy Taylor’s birthday isn’t going well. She got laid off, her party was postponed, and she died. But when she wakes up in a coffin dressed in a cheap pink suit and knock-off shoes (where are her Manolo Blahniks?!?), she realizes her bad luck has just begun.

Diary of a provincial lady by E.M. Delafield ; with a preface by Mary Borden ; with illustrations by Arthur Watts — Published in 1931, the diarist’s (generally futile) attempts to balance her bank account, keep up with fashion and art, and deal with her husband and children make her Bridget Jones’ spiritual grandmother.

Something borrowed by Emily Giffin — Rachel and Darcy have been friends since they were little girls. Darcy is the gorgeous one who always gets what she wants and Rachel is the good girl who follows the rules. So how is it that Rachel ends up in bed with Darcy’s fiance?

Time after time by Sue Haasler — An invitation to 15 year school reunion has Cass remembering the old days and her old boyfriend, Gideon. Can her current life in London with her dependable boyfriend really compare with the memory of someone she once thought of as “even nicer looking than Adam Ant”?

Irish girls about town — A collection of lively short stories by popular female Irish authors including Marian Keyes and Cathy Kelly. If you like this book, try Scottish Girls About Town.

Playing James by Sarah Mason — When accident prone reporter Holly Colshannon is finally promoted from pet funerals to the crime beat, she is assigned to work with the grumpy but gorgeous Detective Sergeant James Sabine for a daily column.

Flip-flopped by Jill Smolinski — Hawaii may be a hot spot for honeymooners, but it’s anything but romantic for volcanologist Keely Baker-Kekuhi. Even though she still loves her husband, he left her for a hula dancer and wants custody of their four-year-old son.

The perfect play by Louise Wener — Audrey‘s boyfriend always knows something is wrong when she starts dividing her food into prime numbers. But she won’t let him into her secrets as she tries to track down her gambling addicted father who abandoned her as a child.

A promising man (and about time, too) by Elizabeth Young — When Harriet bumps into John, she thinks he is gorgeous—and just the kind of guy her maneater friend Nina would have in tow. Soon she seems to be Running into him everywhere and he really is wonderful, but she knows he’s taken—isn’t he?

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