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World Heritage Sites

The new book "World Heritage Sites", is a treasure trove of information. Readers will be impressed with this all encompassing testament to world culture. It describes 878 sites from 141 countries which the United Nations has designated as culturally or enviromentally important to the world. "World Heritage List", has proved to be a valuable tool in the battle to preserve much of the world's cultural and natural heritage. Its strict criteria results in only the world's most spectacular and extraordinary sites making it onto the list. The list has been publicly available online at but never in a book format like this. The good part about publishing the list in a book is that "it helps countries get funding for their sites, and it helps them take care of them and generally manage them and pass laws to protect them" says Jethro Lennox", the editor of the book.  For more information on these sites also check out the travel section in Detroit Free Press.