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Easter Reads and DVDs, Suggestions for the Holiday

Book cover, In the Fullness of TimeEaster in Art [DVD]: This three part program explores the history of Easter as depicted in art from the time of the early Christians to the present day.

Jacques Pepin’s Easter Celebration [DVD]: Jacques Pepin demonstrates easy techniques to make an Easter dinner.

Easter Parade [DVD]: A 1912 song-and-dance man quarrels with his partner but finds another one who falls for him. The featured song, "Easter Parade" is most likely better known than this musical play and the entire soundtrack is also available.

In the Fullness of Time: A Historian Looks at Christmas, Easter, and the Early Church (book) by Dr. Paul Maier
This sheds new light on the life of Jesus and the courageous men and women who carried his message throughout a hostile empire. Full color photos and illustrations.

Easter: A Celebration; Beautiful Ideas for Spring Festivities  (book) by Anna Koska
Delightful Ideas for Decorative Effects using nature's material, such as fresh flowers, twigs, eggs and soft new feathers. There are also traditional recipes for Easter treats.