Didi's Blog http://www.cantonpl.org/blog/didi en-US hoopla's iOS app now available! http://www.cantonpl.org/blog/post/hooplas-ios-app-now-available-0 <span style="font:16px/19.52px Calibri, 'Trebuchet MS', Arial, sans-serif;color:#111111;text-transform:none;text-indent:0px;letter-spacing:normal;word-spacing:0px;float:none;background-color:#ffffff;"><img class="image image-thumbnail" alt="" src="https://www.cantonpl.org/sites/default/files/images/hoopla%20logo.thumbnail.png" height="100" width="100" style="float:right;" />hoopla's iOS app update is now available!  Music downloads on devices running iOS 7.1 have been re-enabled.  You can now download, listen to a song or an entire album on repeat.  A bug in the sleep timer has been fixed as well. Good news to all iOS7.1 users. Enjoy all that hoopla has to offer today!</span> http://www.cantonpl.org/blog/post/hooplas-ios-app-now-available-0#comments Adults Database Apple devices downloadable audiobooks downloadable music hoopla Mon, 07 Apr 2014 20:24:52 +0000 Didi 68553 at http://www.cantonpl.org Lifelong Learning Classes to Start http://www.cantonpl.org/blog/post/lifelong-learning-classes-start <span style="color:#0c0c0c;font-family:Lato, sans-serif;font-size:14px;line-height:19.627519607543945px;">Want to learn new professional skills for your job? Pursue new hobbies in your spare time? Let CPL help you with your lifelong learning. Our </span><img src="https://www.cantonpl.org/sites/default/files/images/learn4life%20logo_0.jpg" alt="" class="image image-medium" height="38" width="160" style="float:right;" /><a href="https://www.cantonpl.org/database/db.html?db=Learn4Life">Learn4Life<span style="color:#0c0c0c;font-size:14px;line-height:19.627519607543945px;"> </span></a><span style="color:#0c0c0c;font-family:Lato, sans-serif;font-size:14px;line-height:19.627519607543945px;">online courses offer you a wide range of highly sought-after classes that you can take entirely online, totally free of charge. April classes begin on April 16 and continue for six weeks. All you need is a valid Canton Public Library Card and Internet access to start learning! </span> http://www.cantonpl.org/blog/post/lifelong-learning-classes-start#comments Adults Database Learn4Life online courses Mon, 07 Apr 2014 19:17:44 +0000 Didi 68543 at http://www.cantonpl.org Money Smart Classes http://www.cantonpl.org/blog/post/money-smart-classes During this <img src="https://www.cantonpl.org/sites/default/files/images/learn4life%20logo_0.jpg" alt="" class="image image-medium" width="160" height="38" style="float:right;" /><a href="http://www.ala.org/offices/money-smart-week">2014 Money Smart Week </a>or any other week, you can enroll in our free online classes to learn more about money. 6-week classes such as "Keys to Successful Money Management", "Personal Finance", and "Where does all my money go?" are scheduled to start on April 16. Many other classes in technology, professional skills, and self-improvement will be starting soon. You can find them in <a href="https://www.cantonpl.org/database/db.html?db=Learn4Life">Learn4Life.com</a> from our database listing. Take charge of your financial future by being better informed! Sign up for a class with your CPL card number. http://www.cantonpl.org/blog/post/money-smart-classes#comments Adults Database Learn4Life lifelong learning Tue, 01 Apr 2014 19:14:57 +0000 Didi 68478 at http://www.cantonpl.org Blackberry and OverDrive Media Console App http://www.cantonpl.org/blog/post/blackberry-and-overdrive-media-console-app <p style="margin-top:0in;margin-right:30pt;margin-bottom:15pt;margin-left:15pt;"><span style="font-size:10.5pt;color:#282526;">Effective April 10, 2014, the OverDrive Media Console (OMC) mobile app for BlackBerry will no longer be available to download on BlackBerry, BlackBerry 10, and Playbook devices. However, B</span><span style="color:#282526;font-size:10.5pt;line-height:1.22;">lackBerry users with the app installed prior to April 10 will be able to continue downloading eBooks and audiobooks via OMC. OverDrive has decided to discontinue further support of this particular app due to its lack of usage.</span></p> <img src="https://www.cantonpl.org/sites/default/files/images/blackberry-devices.preview.png" alt="" class="image image-preview selected" width="200" height="90" style="float:right;" /> http://www.cantonpl.org/blog/post/blackberry-and-overdrive-media-console-app#comments Adults Audiobook eBooks eReaders Overdrive Overdrive downloadable ebooks Sat, 29 Mar 2014 14:15:53 +0000 Didi 68416 at http://www.cantonpl.org MorningStar Investment Help http://www.cantonpl.org/blog/post/morningstar-investment-help <img src="https://www.cantonpl.org/sites/default/files/images/MoneySmart_A_2014.preview.jpg" alt="MoneySmart2014" title="MoneySmart2014" class="image image-preview" height="73" width="144" style="float:right;" />Money Smart Week (April 5-14) is dedicated to bringing public awareness to personal finance. Do you know that we have the personal finance tool<a href="https://www.cantonpl.org/database/db.html?db=Morningstar"> MorningStar Investment Research Center </a>all year round for you? You can find reports and ratings on funds, stocks and more. In the Help &amp; Education section you can learn the ins and outs of goal-based investing, strategies and solutions to help you for the long run. Be sure to include MorningStar in your long term money smart planning. CPL cardholders can access from home. http://www.cantonpl.org/blog/post/morningstar-investment-help#comments Finance Adults Database Database Investment personal finance Wed, 26 Mar 2014 13:47:38 +0000 Didi 68383 at http://www.cantonpl.org iOS7.1 and hoopla download http://www.cantonpl.org/blog/post/ios71-and-hoopla-download <img src="https://www.cantonpl.org/sites/default/files/images/hooplalogo2.jpeg.preview.png" alt="" style="float:right;" />Apple has not remedied the issue of downloading hoopla music and audiobooks on iOS 7.1 devices. Hoopla has been able to stream audio contents on these devices, but has temporarily disabled the downloading function. Other iOS devices continue to operate as usual. Stay tuned for updates from hoopla’s development team on this issue. http://www.cantonpl.org/blog/post/ios71-and-hoopla-download#comments Adults Audiobook Database Music/CDs eBooks hoopla Fri, 21 Mar 2014 18:49:38 +0000 Didi 68336 at http://www.cantonpl.org eReader Users Group Meeting http://www.cantonpl.org/blog/post/ereader-users-group-meeting- <img src="https://www.cantonpl.org/sites/default/files/images/Copy%20of%20Slide%202%20ereaders.preview.jpg" alt="" style="float:right;" />Join library staff and other eReader users as we share eBook tips and tricks in an informal environment. Group will meet on <a href="http://catalog.cantonpl.org/record=g1003748">Monday, March 17 at 7:00 PM</a> in Group Study Room A. No registration required. http://www.cantonpl.org/blog/post/ereader-users-group-meeting-#comments Adults eBooks Computer Classes Overdrive Mon, 24 Feb 2014 09:00:00 +0000 Didi 67954 at http://www.cantonpl.org eBook Basics --CANCELED-- http://www.cantonpl.org/blog/post/ebook-basics-13 <img src="https://www.cantonpl.org/sites/default/files/images/ipadreading.preview.jpg" alt="" style="float:right;" />Join us on <a href="http://catalog.cantonpl.org/record=g1003747">Wednesday, March 12, from 10:00-11:30 AM</a> to learn how to check out free library eBooks and read them on an iPad, Kindle, Nook or other device. Familiarity with your own device is paramount to the success of the class. Please make sure your device is registered, and that your Canton Library card is valid. http://www.cantonpl.org/blog/post/ebook-basics-13#comments Adults eBooks Computer Classes downloadable ebooks Overdrive Mon, 24 Feb 2014 09:00:00 +0000 Didi 67952 at http://www.cantonpl.org LearningExpressLibrary has changed! http://www.cantonpl.org/blog/post/learningexpresslibrary-has-changed <a href="https://www.cantonpl.org/database/db.html?db=LearnATest">LearningExpressLibrary</a><img src="https://www.cantonpl.org/sites/default/files/images/LearningExpressLibrary.medium.gif" alt="" class="image image-medium" width="300" height="34" style="float:right;" /> (LEL) 3.0 is here. New users should click the "<a href="http://mel.org/local/pages/lel3/lel-intro-splash.html">Register</a>" button and sign up for a free account in the new version. If you have unfinished work in the current version of 2.0, you have until the end of June 2014 to finish up. After that, version 2.0 will be discontinued, and the logins do not carry over to the new version. You must create a new account then. Currently all <a href="http://www.learningexpresshub.com/hsequivalencycenter/guidance/about-this-center/aboutthiscenter">GED tests </a>have already migrated to 3.0, and you will need to create a new account to take the prep. As always, ask a librarian if you have questions.  http://www.cantonpl.org/blog/post/learningexpresslibrary-has-changed#comments Adults Database Test preparation Mon, 17 Feb 2014 19:48:04 +0000 Didi 67934 at http://www.cantonpl.org Our eMedia http://www.cantonpl.org/blog/post/our-emedia <img src="https://www.cantonpl.org/sites/default/files/images/CantonPublicLibraryLogo_jpg.jpg" alt="" style="float:right;" />Enjoy the library's rich resources from home! Instead of having to go out in the cold, or to navigate your way in the library building currently under partial construction, you can simply go to our <a href="/emedia">eMedia</a> page, pick and choose to borrow our ebooks, eAudiobooks, music, and videos. Have a homework assignment or research project? Use our many <a href="https://www.cantonpl.org/databases">databases</a> to find your answers. Interested in taking an online course? Our February <a href="https://www.cantonpl.org/database/db.html?db=Learn4Life">Learn4Life</a> classes start on the 19th. Sign up for a new way to learn. http://www.cantonpl.org/blog/post/our-emedia#comments Adults Database eBooks Fri, 07 Feb 2014 16:28:52 +0000 Didi 67810 at http://www.cantonpl.org Language Learning through Film http://www.cantonpl.org/blog/post/language-learning-through-film <img src="https://www.cantonpl.org/sites/default/files/images/Mango%20logo.jpg" alt="" style="float:right;" />Fancy to learn a new language on your computer, or on-the-go with free Mango apps for iPhone, iPod touch and Android? Mango has courses in 54 languages, in addition to 17 ESL courses. Now with <a href="https://www.cantonpl.org/database/db.html?db=MangoLanguages">Mango Premiere</a>, language and culture learning can be done through film. Movie ratings are included with each film. http://www.cantonpl.org/blog/post/language-learning-through-film#comments Adults Database International languages Language learning Mon, 13 Jan 2014 14:43:05 +0000 Didi 67368 at http://www.cantonpl.org OverDrive eBook Advantage! http://www.cantonpl.org/blog/post/overdrive-ebook-advantage <img src="https://www.cantonpl.org/sites/default/files/images/ODAdvantage.preview.gif" alt="" style="float:right;" />Are you itching to try out the new eReader you received recently? We have bestsellers from your favorite authors such as Michael Connelly, Amy Tan, Wally Lamb, Nicholas Spark and many more waiting for you to download at our <a href="https://www.cantonpl.org/database/db.html?db=OverDriveEbooks">eBook website</a>. Remember these titles will show up only if you sign in first before you search. Signing in with your CPL card number will give you access to our Advantage collection where these new hot titles reside. http://www.cantonpl.org/blog/post/overdrive-ebook-advantage#comments Adults Audiobook eBooks downloadable audiobooks downloadable ebooks Overdrive OverDrive Advantage Tue, 07 Jan 2014 14:50:17 +0000 Didi 67247 at http://www.cantonpl.org Year 2013 Top Audiobook Picks http://www.cantonpl.org/blog/post/year-2013-top-audiobook-picks <p class="book-record"><a href="http://catalog.cantonpl.org/record=b1572333"><span class="jacket"><img alt="" src="/sites/default/files/images/bibisbn/b1572333.jpg" /></span>Bones of the lost [sound recording]</a> by Kathy Reichs</p> <p class="book-record"><a href="http://catalog.cantonpl.org/record=b1562156"><span class="jacket"><img alt="" src="/sites/default/files/images/bibisbn/b1562156.jpg" /></span>The Burgess boys [sound recording]</a> by Elizabeth Strout</p> <p class="book-record"><a href="http://catalog.cantonpl.org/record=b1568236"><span class="jacket"><img alt="" src="/sites/default/files/images/bibisbn/b1568236.jpg" /></span>Eleanor &amp; Park [sound recording]</a> by Rainbow Rowell</p> <p class="book-record"><a href="http://catalog.cantonpl.org/record=b1574618"><span class="jacket"><img alt="" src="/sites/default/files/images/bibisbn/b1574618.jpg" /></span>The men who united the States [sound recording]: America's explorers, inventors, eccentrics and mavericks, and the creation of one nation, indivisible</a> by Simon Winchester</p> <p class="book-record"><a href="http://catalog.cantonpl.org/record=b1568535"><span class="jacket"><img alt="" src="/sites/default/files/images/bibisbn/b1568535.jpg" /></span>Rage against the dying [sound recording]: a thriller</a> by Becky Masterman</p> <p class="book-record"><a href="http://catalog.cantonpl.org/record=b1575299"><span class="jacket"><img alt="" src="/sites/default/files/images/bibisbn/b1575299.jpg" /></span>Still foolin' 'em [sound recording]: where I've been, where I'm going, and where the hell are my keys?</a> by Billy Crystal</p> <p class="book-record"><a href="http://catalog.cantonpl.org/record=b1576071"><span class="jacket"><img alt="" src="/sites/default/files/images/bibisbn/b1576071.jpg" /></span>We are water [sound recording]: a novel</a> by Wally Lamb</p> <p class="book-record"><a href="http://catalog.cantonpl.org/record=b1562146"><span class="jacket"><img alt="" src="/sites/default/files/images/bibisbn/b1562146.jpg" /></span>A week in winter [sound recording]</a> by Maeve Binchy</p> <p class="book-record"><a href="http://catalog.cantonpl.org/record=b1554271"><span class="jacket"><img alt="" src="/sites/default/files/images/bibisbn/b1554271.jpg" /></span>Where'd you go, Bernadette [sound recording]: a novel</a> by Maria Semple</p> <p class="book-record"><a href="http://catalog.cantonpl.org/record=b1562162"><span class="jacket"><img alt="" src="/sites/default/files/images/bibisbn/b1562162.jpg" /></span>The woman upstairs [sound recording]: a novel</a> by Claire Messud</p> http://www.cantonpl.org/blog/post/year-2013-top-audiobook-picks#comments Adults Audiobook May We Suggest Staff Recommendations Sat, 04 Jan 2014 16:48:57 +0000 Didi 67243 at http://www.cantonpl.org Lifelong Learning--Learn4Life! http://www.cantonpl.org/blog/post/lifelong-learning-learn4life <img src="https://www.cantonpl.org/sites/default/files/images/learn4life%20logo_0.jpg" alt="" style="float:right;" />Resolved to develop new personal or professional skills in the new year? Let CPL help you fulfill your lifelong learning goals. Our <a href="https://www.cantonpl.org/database/db.html?db=Learn4Life">Learn4Life</a> database offers a wide range of highly interactive courses that you can take entirely online. Courses run for six weeks and new sessions begin every month. All you need is a valid Canton Public Library Card and Internet access! Enjoy these free opportunities offered by your library! http://www.cantonpl.org/blog/post/lifelong-learning-learn4life#comments Adults Seniors Database databases mooc moocs Online learning Thu, 02 Jan 2014 16:45:17 +0000 Didi 67218 at http://www.cantonpl.org hoopla Supported Devices http://www.cantonpl.org/blog/post/hoopla-supported-devices <div><img alt="" src="https://www.cantonpl.org/sites/default/files/images/hoopla%20logo.png" style="float:right;" />Borrow free digital video, music, and audiobook with your Canton Public Library card. Through the hoopla app, you can access hoopla's state-of-the-art streaming or downloadable contents on your iOS or Android device. Download the hoopla app from your app store, then<a href="https://www.cantonpl.org/database/db.html?db=Hoopla"> </a><a href="http://www.hoopladigital.com">sign up for an account</a> with your library card, email address and password.</div> <div>All iPad 2+ tablets, iPad Mini, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, 4S, iPhone 5, 5S, and iPod touch 5th generation and newer will work. The Android app is available to any Android device running 4.0 or newer. If the app is not viewable in the Google Play store, the device is not supported. Other than Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets, Motorola Droid Razr M phone, Nook HD+, HTC EVO 4G LTE phone, HTC Droid DNA phone, and ASUS Transformer TF300T tablet are supported. Kindle Fire is not supported at this time.</div> <div>Supported Web browsers include Firefox, IE 8+, Google Chrome, Safari, or any browser that is HTML5 compliant.</div> http://www.cantonpl.org/blog/post/hoopla-supported-devices#comments Teens Adults Audiobook Database Movies & Television Music/CDs Thu, 19 Dec 2013 13:00:00 +0000 Didi 66974 at http://www.cantonpl.org