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Missing Money

Four years ago, a high school friend of mine called me and told me that  he had seen my name on the "" website as having a check for less than $100.00 in the Michigan Department of the Treasury "Missing Money" account.  I went to the website, filled out the downloadable application and 3 weeks or so thereafter, I had a check in the mail for $75.00.

I thought, because of these difficult financial times, and because The Canton Public Library has a duty and a purpose to help the Community and our Patrons get through them, that I would share the website, which is  This website is subscribed to by the Treasury Department of 26 states, and 2 Canadian Provinces.  It is not one of those "Send us some money, and we'll what happens" sites.

This morning, because I'm trying to get some cash for a favorite charity of mine, I went back (Thursday, April 23rd) I put in my name, but  alas, nothing.  However, I put in a friends name, and found his daughter had three different accounts with money waiting for her in the Michigan Treasury Department, I found one for my nephew with a long forgotten retirement account, one of my wife's cousins, and when I got to work, my boss found her mom's name. 

Hopefully, this little nugget of information will help replenish the family coffers of our neighbors and friends we see on a daily basis here at the Canton Public Library.  We try to help where we can!