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Free is the New Pink

Free, Chris Anderson's new book about the future of content distribution, is causing quite a stir.

Malcolm Gladwell started the debate with a lengthy review criticizing many of Anderson's analogies for how scarcity and abundance operate in a market economy. Seth Godin then responded with a few choice rebuttals, sure to spark further discussion.

Along with this, Waldo Jaquith levies allegations that the book contains overt plagiarism. Anderson himself has responded in kind to the blog post, and it appears some additional notes will be available to coincide with the book's release.

While some of this buzz may be viral marketing, the subject matter still sounds quite interesting. Free will be available for sale in stores July 7, though you can put it on hold at Canton Public Library today.


Tue, 2009-06-30 19:40
John Gruber of Daring Fireball adds in his two cents on the debate:

Godin says he disagrees with Gladwell’s review of Chris Anderson’s Free, but it’s unclear to me exactly what he thinks Gladwell is wrong about. What I took away from Gladwell’s review is that Anderson is wrong that free media alone will satisfy our demand, not an argument that existing not-free media institutions must somehow be preserved.

This appears to be a weird and convoluted debate, so stay tuned as the real criticisms of a free information economy come in.