Meeting Minutes -- August 10, 2006

August 10, 2006
7:30 p.m.

The meeting was called to order by the Chairman, James Fausone, at 7:30 p.m. 

Present: R. Eva, J. Fausone, J. Gillig, G. Snow, C. Young, N. Williams


Also Present:  J. Tabor, S. Rzetelny




The agenda was approved as presented.


The minutes of the July 20th meeting were approved as submitted.


  • The library received the Red Cross Blood Drive Platinum Award of Excellence for its work with the Red Cross.
  • Unique Management Services Cumulative Recovery Statistics


  • Jean will call the library insurance company to inquire about a claim for our recent losses due the air conditioning problems along with filing the claim with DTE. Since we have a new compressor and the repaired unit was only three years old it is suggested that we wait at least another year to replace the main air conditioning unit. 
  • A successful summer reading season has ended. The new Tween and Adult programs were well received.
  • Co-op directors have been meeting to discuss the "Co-op of the future". Metronet supports a virtual co-op with 1/3 of State Aid going toward new digital databases. If it were to come to that in the future, we would have to be sure we had control of the funding.
  • The carpet has been ordered but the installers have not yet been selected by Shaw. Our cove molding is showing it's age and Jean would like to get a quote to have it carpeted which would eliminate the many scuff marks.


  • VanBuren, Sumpter, Belleville - While those communities have formed a District Library Committee, it is unfortunate a district library ballot issue was not put forth. Jean will draft a letter outlining the new restrictions to these residents. When they check out materials they will be limited to two items per card. We will have bookmarks, flyers, and a link on our website notifying affected patrons of the change. Non-residents will be able to purchase a library card ($170) which will allow then unrestricted assess to our library materials.
  • Along with these changes we have decided to allow holds to be placed on audiovisual material. Canton residents have been requesting this service for a long time. In order to reduce the increased shelving needs, the hold period will be shortened to 5 days (from 9) and we will add one additional staff member to process the increased number of holds.
  • Load Level for MeLCat - Canton is still loaning out more than Canton residents are requesting. It is expected this will level off soon.
  • ATM Machine - Having received the pictures of the proposed ATM machine Jean would not recommend it for placement outside of the building due to concern about tying up the circle with banking business rather than leaving it open for book return. Jean will pursue other banks to see if they would provide an inside ATM.


  • 2007 Budget - Discussion was held regarding the fund balance and the feasibility of designated a portion for building improvements considering the air conditioning replacement cost and the age of the building. 
  • Some databases should be evaluated for renewal, specifically the Factiva database is not being used enough to support its cost and has doubled in price. 

    The budget appendices will be forwarded via email to the board members.




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The meeting was adjourned by the Board Chairman at 8:10 p.m.

Rick Eva - Board Secretary

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