Meeting Minutes -- June 18, 2009

June 18, 2009
7:30 p.m.

The Chairperson, Colleen Van Auken, called the meeting to order at 7:30PM

Present: J. Fausone, M. Siegrist, G. Snow, D. Turner, C. Van Auken
Also Present: E. Davis, S. Rzetelny, Susan Kennedy

Call to Audience

No comments (R. Havenstein-Coughlin, A. Heidemann, L Papa, C. McLaughlin, L. Golden, G. Bell, C. Young, A. Young-Snow)

Approval of Agenda

The agenda was approved with addition

Approval of Minutes

Minutes of the May 21st Meeting were approved as written

J. Fausone and D. Turner supported a motion to approve the minutes as written.

The motion passed: 09/06-18-1

Strategic Plan Presentation

Susan Kennedy from K2+ Communications presented the completed strategic plan. She described the process of developing the plan consisting of gathering information from users and staff, reviewing current trends and evaluating data. A new mission statement was developed as part of the process and was presented: The Canton Public Library connects your community. It was felt that the new mission statement works on all levels, creating a sense of community and belonging. Trustee Turner was positive about the new statement, noting the library can build on its solid base.

The core values of the plan are:

  • Relevance
  • Access
  • Integrity
  • Leadership

Susan also presented an overview of the six strategic objectives summarized as CPL will:

  1. take a user-driven approach
  2. produce dynamic, focused programs
  3. be a conduit of connections between residents and local groups
  4. create a recognizable and transparent brand
  5. integrate technology to support library values and goals
  6. maintain financial sustainability

Maps were presented showing community penetration of library users, program attendees, library card holders and card holders not using their cards within the last year. The maps demonstrated that the library has equal spread within the community.

A preliminary budget for an action plan was presented which the board requested be re-titled “Estimated Costs”. The estimated cost to achieve this 3 year plan was presented as follows (not including staff time expenses).

  • 2009 - $33,500 (already in current budget)
  • 2010 - $83,000
  • 2011 - $37,000

for a total of $153,500

Trustee Fausone questioned how the director wants the board to proceed. He would like Board issues such as policy or budget to come to the Board directly and would refuse to approve the action plans in the plan package at this time. He is concerned about the step up costs of strategic plan over time. Director Davis explained the staff is looking to the board to accept the overview and agree whether or not the strategic plan is worthwhile to pursue as the library moves forward in budget planning. She would also like to post the plan on the library website. To which the board agreed it was comfortable posting the overview only giving them time to evaluate the objectives and actions.

Eva also noted that the costs to implement the new RFID system would need to come from the fund balance.

J. Fausone moved and M. Siegrist supported a motion to accept the overview only of the strategic plan.

The motion passed unanimously: 09/06-18-2

Eva thanked Susan Kennedy for her commitment to the development of the strategic plan.


Patron Grisdela complaint about book club discussion choice Pope Joan. Director Response to patron Grisdela’s complaint. Grisdela memo in response to Director

Report of the Library Director

Summer reading registration continues with 2,000 patrons signed up to date. Last year’s total was 4,300.

Eva met with Joan Noricks of the Canton Community Foundation and reports the foundation is holding a Philanthropy Summit in October and encouraged all board members to attend. Joan asked Eva about combining the library endowment funds with the Canton Community Foundation funds in an effort to increase exposure to donors. Combining funds may also provide a larger interest rate. The Library endowment is currently invested with JPMorgan Chase and funds held by the library must conform to Public Act 20 Investment rules. In order to consider combining the endowment with foundation funds it would have to be determined that the investments would continue to conform to PA20. Trustee Turner asked if there are other foundation opportunities. Eva will investigate and J. Fausone responded that the South East Community Foundation Board agreed to hear Joan’s presentation in the fall.

Old Business

Plante & Moran Audit Proposal - A proposal was provided by Plante & Moran, our current auditors, with a 25.6% reduction in fees for the three-year proposal. Chair Van Auken spoke with Frank Audia and clarified that the quote anticipated the library procedures would remain the same and accountant, Gail Bell would assume more duties such as preparing the financial statements.

Discussion was held and the board felt that the price was in line with other comparable libraries and considered the long standing relationship with Plante & Moran.

D. Turner moved and J. Fausone supported a motion to accept the Plante & Moran proposal for 2010 audit services.

The motion passed unanimously: 09/06-18-3

Trustee Application Review – Chair Van Auken tabulated the rankings of the candidates which the trustees were asked to bring and reported the following applicants were selected to interview following a discussion of qualifications. The interviews will take place on July 2nd and July 16th prior to the regular board meeting.

  • Eric Krieger
  • Kim Schulz
  • Michael Gallagher
  • Carol Lynn Ishikawa

Trustee Snow advised the board that he will not be able to attend the July 2nd interviews.

New Business

2010 Budget Preparations – Budget preparations have begun with challenges. Eva notes the taxable value will be down approximately 6% but doesn’t take into account the DDA tax capture and the value may further erode during the next few months as tax tribunal decisions are made. State Aid will be cut 4% for the current 2009 year and a minimum of 8% for 2010. In addition, maintaining the current tax levy of 1.498 will result in approximately $350,000 to $400,000 less revenue in 2010.

Eva proposes the following cuts to expenses:

  • Hiring Freeze
  • Changing Sunday wages to straight-time as opposed to time-and-a-half, as the library maintains a seven day schedule
  • Restructuring holiday pay
  • Reducing the holds to purchasing ratio from 3:1 to 4:1, (surrounding libraries ratios are 5:1)
  • Eliminate printing the Connections newsletter and locate it as a PDF on the website only or reduce the quality of paper and/or colors, if printed
    • Chair Van Auken suggested the public who wished to have the newsletter could sign up for an email version
    • Eliminating printing of Connections would save approximately $64,000 annually and $17,000 in postage
    • The design costs would continue
  • Cutting the conferences/training budget, including eliminating out of state travel
  • Continue to make cuts to magazine and database subscriptions based on usage
  • Cutting the programming budget
  • No raises beyond bringing the underpaid staff close to their market rates – based on the salary and organizational study report
  • Closing the library for one week with unpaid furlough days for the staff during that period or periodic one day closings
  • Capital projects will be deferred

Trustee Turner asked Eva to suggest the most logical day each week not to be open based on traffic. Trustee Fausone requested the preparation of an austere budget with three-tier rankings of cuts, classified by impact. Trustee Snow offered the suggestion of later hours coordinated with other local library closures to allow the public access to an open library.


The Board appreciates the enjoyable gathering provided by the Friends of the Canton Public Library in honor of Jim Gillig’s departure. Trustee Fausone noted with thanks, the Friends gift of $5,000 to the endowment fund in appreciation of Jim Gillig’s many years of service to the library.

Call to Audience

Rebecca Havenstein-Coughlin encouraged the board to participate in the Summer Reading program and distributed brochures. She thanked the Friends of the Canton Public Library for sponsoring the program.


Meeting was adjourned at 9:20 p.m.
James Fausone – Secretary/Treasurer

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