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Online Storytime

Miss Kristen and Miss Ruth tell stories and sing songs related to the number 3. Enjoy CPL storytime favorites like the magic box, Miss Ruth's guitar, Miss Kristen telling "The Three Bears," and Miss Ruth saying goodbye to all our friends.

Special thanks to the young patrons of Canton Public Library for clapping, stomping, and playing peekaboo in the video!


Tue, 2011-02-01 12:48
Hello Ms. Ruth and Ms. Kristen, Ana and I loved this video. Thank you for posting it. Ana says that she misses both of you...we are now graduated from storytime, even though I believe we will graduate from it when we are 100 years old. We love your work and appreciate what you do for our children, thank you. See you at the library again. Cecilia (Ana and Sofia's mom!)
Tue, 2011-02-01 14:45
Thank you for watching the online storytime. We are glad you liked it. We miss seeing you at storytime too! Just so you know, we'll never graduate from storytime either. Hope to see you at the library soon. Miss Ruth and Miss Kristen :)