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Cash for Clunkers Bill

President Obama and members of the United States House of Representatives have reached an agreement on a bill that could offer as many as one million vehicle buyers a voucher for up to $4,500. Designed to help the struggling automotive industry, these vouchers could be applied to passengers cars, trucks and work vehicles. Under this plan, old passenger cars and trucks being traded in would have to get less than 18 m.p.g. Stay tuned as details are hammered out. In the meantime stop by the library to look at the Car & Driver 2009 Buyers Guide take a peek at all of the new and exciting vehicles available.


Wed, 2009-08-19 03:51

Senate Republican leaders are railing against the Cash for Clunkers Bill, calling the program a model of government inefficiency and out-of-control spending. Republicans have made it known that they do not like the Cash for Clunkers bill. John McCain certainly doesn't like the Cash for Clunkers bill – or anything good for anyone – and he is also a vocal opponent of the health care reform package, which is seen as a step towards universal health care, or Obamacare as it's described in the press. The Republican Party seems bent on putting short term loans and whatever else they can into stopping many of Obama's programs, regardless of how good of ideas they may be. The Cash for Clunkers bill might save people from needing no fax payday loans for a car payment, and stimulate auto sales if it's allowed to work.